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What’s Bruin: A Mighty welcome for Martin Jarmond

Jarmond’s fond welcome continues

Boston College Athletic Director Martin Jarmond... Photo by Jim Davis/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

The fond welcome for your new athletic director continues as Martin Jarmond was officially announced as the Alice and Nahum Lainer Family Director of Athletics at UCLA this week. Jarmond, of course, heads over from Boston College where he spurned a turnaround across all Eagles athletics.

He’s a rising star in the game and one that has seen a welcome to UCLA unlike any other new AD-hirings of recent.

Jarmond was officially recognized by the UCLA Athletics website this week, even giving us a first glimpse of what he’ll look like in blue and gold. Seeing as the only photos we have of him are with Boston College (thanks coronavirus), it’s a nice change of scenery, even if he hasn’t updated his Twitter bio just yet (still waiting.)

I think it looks damn good on you Martin.

The welcome continued, as I mentioned, popping up in national media but also in your local news, mainly with Bruin Athletics penning a story with Gene Block’s official announcement.

Jarmond’s Boston College teams all saw a turnaround and it wasn’t just football, as the women’s lacrosse team made the national championship game, the women’s field hockey team saw the FInal Four and the men’s and women’s hockey teams combined for three conference championships. He made multiple successful coaching hires, and will have the bar set real low for his time at UCLA, thanks to Donut Dan.

Here’s more from what the nation, and your local area news sources are saying.

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As well as some national replies on social media: