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We’re kicking off a new season of NCAA Football 14 with NEW UCLA rosters

That’s right — it’s Video Game Week at SB Nation — and we’ve got a brand new 2020 Bruins roster

Alright, if you’ve been around here for awhile, which, well, all of you have, you know that I’ve been playing the same EA Sports NCAA Football 14 video game for seven years now. Never, though, since we’ve been playing this as an online community have we had the brand new upcoming season’s worth of rosters ready to go before the season.

This is rare and uncharted territory to not only have them done before the season but have them done in June no less.

So, in honor of SB Nation’s Video Game Week, we’re ditching our old season that we ran through for nine weeks and starting fresh with the brand new roster. I won’t bore you with multiple posts on games and previews and recruits, etc. like I did the last time, and rather will show off these new rosters and do a first-run simulation of a season to see how it goes.

Will Chip Kelly be on the hot seat? Will Dorian Thompson-Robinson finally live up to expectations? How about Demetric Felton filling the shoes of Joshua Kelley? The offensive line questions will be answered.

Well, to the best of the simulation’s output at least.

So, without further ado, I invite you to follow along. Head over to Twitter — @CamMellor — as anything that I do live will go on there. We’ll be sure to highlight anything noteworthy here as well.

Stay tuned for the full rosters as they’re tailored up and documented here as well tomorrow!

Here’s hoping for a virtual Pac-12 Championship!