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New NCAA Football 14 rosters for UCLA released — offense

That’s right, we’ve got brand new 2020 rosters for the video game and here’s the offense

We told you that we had ‘em, so here they are. The official, brand new football rosters for your UCLA Bruins on the famed EA Sports franchise NCAA Football 14.

The now-seven-year-old video game has been kept alive by a group of degenerates through the years and with the increased productivity of that group during the coronavirus pandemic, we have the rosters with two months to spare prior to the 2020 season.

Check them out on offense for the first time:


Running Back:

Wide Receiver:

Tight End:

Left Tackle:

Left Guard:


Right Guard:

Right Tackle:

So, how’d they do? Anything that you’d change right away?

How do you think this team will do in our first-run simulations?

We’ll have the full answers soon!