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What’s Bruin, 6/4: Moss spurns UCLA, Chip Kelly under fire

Miller Moss to ‘SC still stings and Kelly is under fire for his tweet(s)

NCAA Football: Arizona State at UCLA Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

We all had hope that Miller Moss would ultimately choose the UCLA Bruins over USC as he had some very nice things to say about the Bruins through his recruiting process. Still, apparently it was always USC for him as he chose the Trojans over UCLA, LSU and Alabama this week.

The football recruiting world weighed in on Moss’ commitment with a slew of them saying ‘as expected’ or ‘as we all thought’ among other expressions of the like. 247Sports penned a piece that it was always ‘SC while even the Alabama-based website wrote that they considered ‘Bama to be a long shot but held on hope.

Making matters worse is the fact that Moss said he thinks he’ll have a positive impact on the Trojans already top-ranked Pac-12 recruiting class. Not so great news if that is the case.

And in other not-so-great news, UCLA head coach Chip Kelly found himself under fire for his tweet regarding the protests gripping the country. Though we documented the tweet here, as the LA Times pointed out, multiple former players of Kelly responded negatively towards his words on George Floyd’s murder.

Stephen Johnson III, a former receiver who played for Kelly in the 2018 season but left with a year of eligibility remaining as well as Bolu Olorunfunmi each spoke out. Olorunfunmi responded with a tweet thread, linked here.

Kelly has denied to comment further than his original tweet on the matter.

So, in other Bruins news, some positive things have happened including Michael Curialle of the baseball team who was named a Freshman All-American. There were the three Bruins who were named to the U.S. Beach Collegiate National Team.

And then there was the news that 5-star basketball recruit for the class of 2021 — Michael Foster — is strongly considering UCLA.

And in lieu of the coronavirus shutdown, two UCLA softball seniors have agreed to stay another year with the Bruins.

The UCLA athletics department also told the LAPD not to use Jackie Robinson Stadium as a ‘field jail’ again during the protests.