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Coach Cronin pledges support in McLendon Minority Leadership Initiative

Cronin joins every other Pac-12 basketball coach among others in pledging his support

UCLA v USC Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

UCLA Bruins men’s basketball coach Mick Cronin pledged his support of the John McLendon Minority Scholarship Foundation this week after it was announced that he and 11 other head coaches in the Pac-12 joined together in an initiative.

The 12 coaches from the Pac-12 are joined by other colleagues from around the nation and have helped establish the Minority Leadership Initiative that will help provide minorities a jump-start to their careers through practical experience. It also was said that it will help build networks and continue to instill the values of John McLendon, which were stated as “integrity, education, leadership and mentorship.

The participants in the initiative will be known as the MLI Future Leaders.

Cronin issued the following statement on his involvement:

“As coaches and leaders in our communities, it’s important that we work together to take meaningful action with initiatives such as the McLendon Foundation. I’m proud of the Pac-12 and my fellow head coaches for collaborating on this McLendon Initiative as we try and provide minorities with a path to build their careers and grow their professional networks.”

Athletic Director also responded to Cronin’s words, citing that he too was a recipient of a McLendon scholarship at one point.

“As a past McLendon scholarship recipient, I know firsthand the impact these opportunities have on young minorities. I applaud Coach Mick Cronin, his fellow Pac-12 coaches and coaches across the country for their leadership and action.”

The McLendon Foundation support from the Pac-12 was announced earlier this year and commissioner Larry Scott spoke to it’s movement.

“I am proud of our head men’s basketball coaches for collectively supporting the McLendon Foundation and taking action to effectuate social change within our membership”, Scott said. “As our league continues its efforts to promote social justice and antiracism, it is critical to foster and cultivate meaningful opportunities to develop minority leadership and influence organizational change not only within our athletic departments, but across the sports industry.”