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Does the Pac-12 even know who’s making its 2020 schedule?

No one really knows ...

We know that the UCLA Bruins are getting a seven-game season ahead of themselves in 2020. We know that. We know they’re getting six divisional games and then one seeded game against the other division during the Pac-12 Championship Game weekend.

Again, we know that.

So while we know the vast majority of the teams that they’ll play this season, what is left completely up in the air is when and where.

John Canzano of Oregon Live did some digging into the process of who and how they’re making the schedule for the coronavirus-shortened Pac-12 2020 football season.

And his reporting gave no clear answers.

But maybe that’s answer enough?

According to Canzano, his source at the Pac-12 stated he wanted to give him ‘clear answers’ and after some back and forth, never got back to him.

Canzano went on to infer maybe that perhaps those furloughed by the Pac-12 were those that make up some of the schedule makers. Perhaps it is also falling under the duties of newly-hired football supervisor Merton Hanks as ‘scheduling’ was under his listed roles in the conference’s news release about his hiring.

We don’t know who is involved completely but the story itself said that “We have a committee that includes ADs, coaches and staff. Will come back to you shortly with composition.” Though they never got back to the Oregon Live story with any answers.

There is much-to-do about schedule releases in a normal season but when it’s your third schedule release for a given season that is 2020’s season, there is no doubt it will be hotly contested.

When will UCLA’s home games come? Who will they be against? Where are they traveling? Who’s traveling here?

Lest we fear that Larry Scott himself is putting together a schedule because we all know how well he’s run everything.

We all want to know. We all deserve to know.

And once we do — I’ll let you know.