Dolphins cut Josh Rosen

I was once a Dolphins fan. Until the idiots Flores and Grier are fired, I will stop being one. When they traded a 2nd rounder for him, I was ecstatic and thankful that the floundering Cardinals team, which picked a losing college coach and a failed system in the pros, decided to discard him. But then the idiots Flores and Grier decided to tank and stripped the team bare. The only starting caliber offensive lineman on the team, and a gift of a draft drop, was traded away. It's clear also that Chris Grier doesn't know how to draft linemen because all the ones he drafted sans Tunsil (which was a fluke) were huge busts. They never gave Rosen a chance. The OL, filled with UDFA's and practice squad fodder, didn't gel until well past week 8, by then it was too late. Then they went after a QB who was cushioned by an elite system and surrounding cast who is oft injured and has an IQ of 10. I hope Rosen finds himself on a team that will do him right and make us Bruins proud.

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