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What’s Bruin, 5/10: Good to be back

It’s been awhile – what did I miss while I was gone?

It’s been a good bit of time since I’ve been here — and since you’ve heard from me. After 88 ‘business days’ and what equated to just over four months, yours truly is back at it. And what better way to start than dropping all the latest info on your UCLA Bruins as it happened over the weekend.

It was a busy past few months for me as we had a baby, adjusted to life with two, bought and moved into a new house while the real estate market is at ‘all-time levels of crazy’ as our realtor told us. The little man of ours is doing great, our daughter has adjusted nicely and my wife is a rockstar.

But that’s not what you came here for. You came here for the Bruins news, and so the Bruins news you shall have.

First things first, it was an honor to be able to watch the Bruins in the 2021 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament as a fan for a while. I know it ended on a sour note but for a few games there, it was downright exhilarating and I’m sorry I wasn’t here to cover it for you.

Mick and Co. will absolutely have some big aspirations this/next year, and I can’t wait to watch it unfold.

Here’s the news, as I saw it on my researching the Bruins to get back in the swing of things:

UCLA Softball honors seniors with mercy-rule victory

NCAA Regionals Round 1 are live in action –– follow along

It wasn’t quite a national championship, but the 43rd-ranked UCLA beach volleyball duo more than dismantled ‘expectations’

Women’s tennis moves on while the men’s team exits the tournament

UCLA’s Rachel Garcia talks Mother’s Day, Senior Day and her fabulous career