Haven't logged in in years: UCLA football

I counseled against firing Jim Mora. I was pilloried and shamed for my support of a coach who won more games in a four year period than any other UCLA football coach. So I haven't been on this site in years. Are we all happy with the last many years with Chip?

I live in the San Jose, California area and my team now is the nationally ranked San Jose State Spartans. I hope that stings with Bruins, that San Jose State is in better shape than UCLA - with perennially less talent. Not to mention San Diego State which is right now a better program. I hope UCLA figures out how to do what is so obvious and become a national power in football again. Recruiting is so easy at UCLA, so many want to play there, we need a coach that can do high level talent evaluation like Pat Hill did at Fresno State and Jeff Tedford did at Cal and Fresno State. It's not about getting the best recruits, it's about matching the talent to your needs. Chip is terrible at that.

Go Bruins,


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