These Texas high school football programs dominate the playoffs


We take it for granted within the borders of the Lone Star State, but the Texas high school football playoffs are a pretty unmatched grind. With 64 teams in each 11-man bracket, a team must win six consecutive games to win a state championship — that's four more wins than it takes to win a College Football Playoff national championship, two more than it takes to win a Super Bowl, and one more than it takes to win an FCS national title or a state championship at the highest level in Florida or Georgia. And that's not even to consider the mounting pressure that comes with each win-or-go home game, played in front of increasingly swelling crowds and ever-heightening hype on each play. So, yeah, winning a state championship in Texas is hard, because winning in the playoffs is hard. But which Texas high school football programs have mastered the postseason the best? Let's take a look at a few different metrics for postseason success, starting with the most basic measurement: number of playoff wins.

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