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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse - Mighty Hundley Back in the Huddle

An ode to the return of Brett Hundley.

Stephen Dunn

The outlook wasn't bright for the Bruin Faithful the past few days.
Brett Hundley had not made a decision, and signing day a month away.
But as XSF declared for the draft, and Anthony Barr graduated from the college game,
A pall-like silence fell over the fans of UCLA football, and they hung their heads with shame.

Then from Adam Schefter's twitter, there rose a lusty yell.
"Brett Hundley to return to college!" rumbled through the valley and the drinking wells.
It pounded through the UCLA hearts and resulted in Trogan fear,
For Hundley, Mighty Hundley, was returning for one more year.

Ten thousand eyes were upon him as he sat before the mic.
Five thousand tongues applauded for in the fall we will hear him say "Hike!!!"
Then while the cheers erupted and doubting questions escaped from a few lips,
Hundley spoke with clarity, shooting from the hip.

"The NFL can wait, I don't want to rush" great Hundley's visage shone.
He stilled the rising tumult, he bade the reporters on.
"Second to fourth round draft grade, maybe even first" answers given as questions flew
But Hundley came to UCLA for a degree and a national title, this we all knew.

Oh, all over Westwood the sun is shining bright.
The band is playing "The Mighty Bruins" and everywhere hearts are light.
And Trogan teeth are gnashing, and everywhere Bruins shout.
There is plenty of joy in Westwood - mighty Hundley is back, so rank us higher, you MSM louts.

Now, let us follow the words of a mighty lineman:

Let's get it, WOOHOO!

Go Bruins.

(Thank you Casey at the Bat for inspiration, but obviously changed it to a happier ending.)