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UCLA Football Recordbreaker: Brett Hundley Ties Cade McNown's Career Touchdown Record

Congratulations to Brett Hundley for breaking Bruin legend Cade McNown's career touchdown record of 68.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

This point from UCLA's 17-7 win over Arizona is worth emphasizing in a stand alone post:

Jordan Payton caught six passes for a game-leading 119 yards, including a 70-yard touchdown pass from Hundley to give the Bruins a 10-point cushion late in the third quarter. Hundley's 70-yard pass helped him tie Cade McNown's career touchdown record of 68.

Take that in with this comment from Bellerophon:

Brett Hundley

Will break Cade McNown's school TD record, but he still has people blaming him, not the coaching staff, for this team's offensive troubles. Brilliant people we have in this fan base, I'm telling you.

We here at BruinsNation are certainly grateful for number 17. If not for him, the current coaching staff would look just as average to below average as previous coaching regimes hired by Dan Guerrero.

Here is Brett after leading the Bruins to another win:

He is doing all this even though he is being coached by a "QB coach" – the "BearWear Model" –  who got the job as Bryce Alford of the football program.

Thank you for everything you do Brett. On to Washington.

Go Bruins!