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UCLA's Brett Hundley Sounds of on a Busy Winter "Off-season" in Westwood

UCLA's Heisman candidate - rising junior Brett Hundley - sounds off on his busy winter "off-season" in Westwood.

It's basketball season but I have no desire to blog or write about Chianti's garbage program which has been cruising to a "20 win" season without a single quality win to date in a mediocre conference. So here is a quick football note for this Sunday afternoon w/ HT to Bruins#1.

Brett Hundley talks about being the BMOC after announcing his decision to come back for his fourth year (red-shirt junior season) at UCLA. Brett talks about the reception and welcome back he has gotten from his fellow classmates at UCLA.

He also talks about how he is going to use his platform to raise awareness of epilepsy, how he is adjusting to living off-campus for the first time in his life (he has to stay on top of paying his bills) and going through a busy winter "offseason."