Jerry Neuheisel Trick Shot


A challenge from the UCLA football team after seeing Bryce Alford's outstanding full-court trick shot earlier in the month.

An Elite Showdown: Anthony Barr vs. Tyler Johnstone


Lost in the hype of Barr being picked in the top ten of the NFL draft is how well he did at Autzen stadium this fall. He is an amazing player, but so is Oregon’s Tyler Johnstone at left tackle. How DID that matchup go? Read over there, but discuss here as I would be curious is others judged this the same as I did.

Rise and shine- 11 am football games are coming to the Pac-12


The Pac-12 chancellors and university presidents wrapped up their summer meeting over the weekend. The link covers what they talked about, including opening up a slot at 11am for conference football games. All to avoid as many night games. Chancellor Block probably thought the games were already at 11, since he doesn't care about football. But for the rest of us, this means that we will have to fire up the grill very early for the pregame tailgate.

Bryce Alford Trick Shot


Check out Bryce Alford's unconventional half court shot, which has been getting a little bit of internet buzz - picked up by buzzfeed, ESPN, bleacher report, etc.

UCLA's top baseball recruit will get $6.5 million signing bonus


This is obviously great news for Aiken. But it is further bad news for the UCLA pipeline. His $6.5 million is $1.4 million below the assigned value for the #1 pick. That means the Astros will have $1.4 million more to throw at other draft choices, including fellow UCLA commit Jacob Nix, who was drafted by Houston in the 5th round.

UCLA Football Helmet Concept


Here's a UCLA football helmet in powder blue. We'd need to get our uniform color to match, of course. Thoughts?

ICYMI - AZ Cardinals signed Damien Thigpen


Good luck to Damien Thigpen (except when he is taking on the Niners). GO BRUINS.

Big Bucks For Calipari


Not sure, but I think he's now second highest paid coach behind K at Duke.