Zack Whitley withdraws from UCLA


Well....I guess he isn't sticking around.

Jake Curtis in SF Chronicle Tries to Provide Solace for UCLA Basketball, But Can't


Read through the entire list of where UCLA stands, and how there is precedent in the past. Makes the last item even worse.

Ivan Rabb To Visit


Covering all sides of the hoops story, Ivan Rabb finally set up his visit -- January 31 for the Colorado game.

Rahim Moore


Nice story on the Chron website. I wanted to check something, so I looked Rahim Moore up on Google and found a 2nd, wonderful story on SI's Monday Morning QB site. The MMQB story was written BEFORE the current season started and is much better than the AP version. There was probably a mention of it on our site, but I missed it, and if anyone else did, here's the URL for the MMQB site:

The latest


Seems like a denial to me!

Excellent Interview with Coach Mora, Covers Bush league play by KSU too


Seems that Coach Mora is here to stay and wants to build something special. Sucks for all those loser condoms like Colin Cowturd who were hoping Mora would bolt to the NFL.

Welcome to UCLA Josh!


I hope you enjoy your first day of class.

"This IS UCLA's style of play"


I'm not a finger-on-the-pulse kind of guy, so apologies if this is old news or inappropriate. I got an email from BRO today, with some links to unlocked articles. In particular, there was one about UCLA's head basketball coach. Since I could view it without a subscription, I presume that it's OK to link it for others to read. Tracy Pierson has some rather harsh words for Alford, including: "UCLA showed again that it’s a very bad basketball team, and a very poorly coached one. What is quite astounding, though, is the coaching. This team is badly coached on every possible level and aspect of coaching, and it’s really the biggest and most stunning development of the season." "I’ve seriously never seen a more fundamentally insipid college basketball team. That includes the teams of Steve Lavin." "The most shocking thing is that this isn’t a team ignoring the tactics of its coach. What you’re seeing – going for quick shots and driving to nowhere – is Steve Alford’s offensive tactics."

Change.Org petition to release Alford from his contract


Probably won't do much good, but it's worth a try.