Ranking every NCAA Mens Basketball Championship Team


ESPN ranks all 77 mens basketball national champions. Predictably Coach's teams are well represented. I would argue vehemently against #2 but Knight worshiper Alfraud might agree with it. I also have an issue with putting ANY Lew Alcindor team outside the top 10, arguably even the top 5. Makes no sense. Harrick's '95 team came in at #39 behind the #25 ranked '94 Razorbacks, which I would also question, particularly since the leader of that 94 team, Corliss Williamson, and their "40 minutes of hell" defense were stomped by O'Bannons and crew in the final.

When Daddyball meets Papa Ball


LaVar Ball is a force to be reckoned with... he won't sit quietly and watch Bryce play more than Lonzo. it's gonna be really interesting to see what happens.

ESPN anti-UCLA bias - They never show Bryce doing this!!


ESPN showing its anti-UCLA bias with a highlight that they NEVER would show of Bryce Alford simply because he is in a UCLA uniform. I mean, how many times has Bryce pulled this kind of move yet ESPN ignores it? His father must get apoplectic when watching this video.

An Athletic Director Giving Guerrero Competition


for being the most clueless AD in the nation...

Bill Walton article in the New York Times


Here's an engaging article about the quirky mind and fragile career of Bill Walton.

Fishwrap Story About London Perrantes, UVA's Stellar Point Guard Who Could Have Been a Bruin


Lived in Santa Monica. Stars for the Wahoos. Would have considered UCLA if they had been interested. But they weren't. Now leading UVA into the Sweet 16 while our point guards lead us into a spring of irrelevance. "Perrantes never drew interest from UCLA, though he said recently he would've considered the Bruins for their proximity to home. He turned down an offer from USC after Kevin O'Neill was fired as coach."

Memphis Investigating AD for Alford-style Contract


Memphis looking into AD - Basketball Coach "conflict of interest" as a result of an Alford-style contract. Looks like Memphis wants to fire the coach, but he has a $10.6 million buyout if they do. Where is Gene Block?

Turn Pauley Blue for UCLA Women's Basketball


Monday at 6 pm, 3rd seeded UCLA will match up with 6th seed USF. Come and watch some really good basketball - defense, intensity, continual effort and team work.

Latest on UC Davis Chancellor


Three more legislators have joined the call for Linda Katehi to leave her job. Two others had previously called for her resignation. Stay tuned.