UCLA Mathematicians helped "Frozen" to an Oscar; McKellar "Dance with the Stars"


UCLAToday reports on "UCLA's mathematicians bring snow to life for Disney's 'Frozen'". The film won the best animated feature Oscar last Sunday. Another mathematician, Danica McKellar, will be "Dancing With the Stars Season 18", which will begin on Monday, March 17 at 8 p.m. on ABC.

Rich Rod "stars" in a video


This is pretty funny. The video is a bit long (should have been cut to about 90-120 seconds) but still not bad. Good publicity for 'Zona. GO BRUINS.

Warning: This link will make your eyes burn


Fox, do not read. So, I get this email from Google+, trying to get me to plus my google or to google my plus, or something. It was an example of all the exciting and great things that are happening over there. Start with the fact that the link is purportedly trying to promote a day given to proper language usage. "Happy National Grammer Day! Time to correct all you're friend's G+ posts. Dont worry, they'll appreciate it!" The first comment is "I'm to nice to do that."

Caption this


Photo via @VOICEslc. GO BRUINS.

Cool infographic on #Hundley4Heisman


Cool infographic on #Hundley4Heisman via UCLA's Football's facebook page. GO BRUINS.

Gym: UCLA defeated Arizona 197.500 - 196.250


This is the kind of score we like to see from the Women's Gymnastics team. Congratulations. Keep up the good work.

Dan's Car


Wouldnt it great to see this car on campus?

The Doughnut Takes to Twitter! (Kind of)


Was going through my Twitter feed this morning and saw a scarily familiar face! The sad part is, I can't tell if this is a parody, or the real deal!

ESPN shills for Dan Guerrero


They feel we should manage expectations, too.