"Baylor and TCU are close to our offense" -No- O Mazzne


"There are a lot of good offenses in the Big 12," Mazzone said. "You go from Baylor to TCU to Oklahoma to Oklahoma State, which are all very close to our offense. They have done a very good job of containing the explosiveness of those offenses."

UCLA Gymnastics Picked 2nd in Pac-12 Poll


In the preseason poll, the Bruins come in 2nd to Utah. In the national poll, the Bruins were picked 5th and oddly, ahead of Utah, who is 6th. Gymnastics season opens on January 12th at Oregon State.

Barr done for the year with knee surgery


Too bad, was having a good season. Get well young man and then start dominating the NFL

UCLA Football banquet


At the 2014 UCLA Football banquet the following players were the most improved athletes - Paul Perkins (Offense), Deon Hollins (Defense), and Kaimi Fairbairn (Special Teams). Eric Kendricks is the Most Outstanding Defensive Player award winner. Brett Hundley received the Most Outstanding Offensive Player award.

College Football Top 25, Ranked by Academics


What else would you expect? UCLA at the top (#2), and USC at the bottom (#25). How TCU could be ranked above UCLA is a mystery to me; I guess UCLA being a top research university with 6 Nobel Laureates to its credit doesn't mean much.

Coach Mora - this is how you can win me over


The jury is still out on Mora and many here have argued that he is just like Bo Pellini. I don't know where I fall on Mora but if he drops some bombs like that about Guerrero and then tapes get released, I will drink the cool aid!

UCLA's Sam Mewis named best NCAA women's soccer player- Congrats


For the 2nd year in a row, UCLA has the Honda Award for best player in NCAA Women's Soccer. Last year, it was Abby Dahlkemper. This is a nice pattern, just like Lott IMPACT award to Anthony Barr and Eric Kendricks. Double your pleasure, double your fun.

Massive loss for Oregon Rose Bowl hopes- Ifo out.


Bummer. I was hoping Oregon would run the table, just to see the ESPN talking heads cry in despair. Looks less likely now.

Michigan Trying to Woo Harbaugh with $8M per Year for 6 Years!


College Football is going crazy...and this is how the big boys play.

Bob Toledo Retirement


Caught this little nugget this morning. Smooth Sailing Coach.