Congratulations to Brett Hundley!


Just a terrific young man who has his head, heart and priorities straight. Comparing 'Johnny Football' ugliness to the grace and character of Brett, Bruins everywhere should be so proud of the way he conducts himself and well-represents our great UCLA society. Thank you Brett for your service! You the man!


Grantland mocks UCLA's "LA Steel" gray unis


Slate Gray: UCLA and Louisville were the latest in a long line of teams to be rendered unrecognizable by horrendous slate-gray uniforms courtesy of Adidas. Why UCLA in particular would ever pass up an opportunity to wear its classic gold-and-blue motif in the Rose Bowl, I have no idea. (I refuse to believe recruits really give a damn one way or the other; the best recruits flock to the schools — Alabama, LSU, Texas, USC, etc. — that have worn the exact same thing without fail for the past 50 years.) I’ve made my peace with the alternate-uniform thing in general, but there’s a reason that no college, anywhere, ever, has adopted slate gray as one of its actual colors. Draw a line. End the madness.

Matt Hinton (Grantland)

Has Mora taken over Defensive playcalling duties?


"Noel, I'm gonna get you the ball back"

PAC 12 The Drive, Wednesday, 10/22, during Cal game

Why aren't ADs held responsible for bad coaching hires?


Though coaches are rightfully held accountable for the success and trajectory of the programs they take over, why are athletics directors not given a proportional amount of the blame when they make bad hires? .... Unless there are NCAA violations committed on their watch, athletics directors are largely untouchable, and yet hiring a bad coach in a major sport can sink a department for years.

Utah Game Time?


Does anyone have a clue when next Saturday's game with Utah will start? Thanks!

Pac-12 Commish Makes Statement on O'Bannon Ruling


"We fundamentally disagree with the O’Bannon court’s ruling that the NCAA and our collegiate model violate anti-trust laws in any way. Our system provides untold opportunities and beneficial life experiences for the almost 7,000 Pac-12 student-athletes every year, and we are intent on improving the system to do even more to benefit young people for generations to come. While we plan to support the NCAA on their appeal of this ruling, we will be working with our institutions to develop next steps in the event the appeal is not successful."

Pac-12 Website

NCAA releases statement on landmark O’Bannon decision


"We disagree with the Court's decision that NCAA rules violate antitrust laws. We note that the Court's decision sets limits on compensation, but are reviewing the full decision and will provide further comment later. As evidenced by yesterday’s Board of Directors action, the NCAA is committed to fully supporting student-athletes."

NCAA Chief Legal Officer Donald Remy

Way to aim high Dan


If UCLA athletic director Dan Guerrero had to stress one thing to the selection committee, it'd be this – don't forget about seeds 5-12. The committee seeds all 12 playoff bowl participants: Four semifinalists and eight teams in the host bowls. "The implications of 5 and down the line are crucial," Guerrero said. "The whole world will be focused on 1-4."

Jeremy Fowler, "Musings from College Football Playoff meetings,"

Rick Reilly speaks his mind.


There has not been an NCAA men's basketball championship team in the last 20 years that could come within 30 points of the John Wooden championship UCLA teams. Those were men. These are babies.

Yahoo Sports report: Myles Jack secures a $5 million insurance policy


UCLA two-way football star Myles Jack has obtained a large disability policy with a value in excess of $5 million that includes a "loss of value" rider, a source close to the situation told Yahoo Sports. That same source said Jack is the first known football player entering his true sophomore season to obtain a loss of value policy.

Rand Getlin, Yahoo Sports.