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Fire Alford

UCLA: “So Long, Chief!” Alford Finally Fired! [UPDATED]

The Steve Alford era looks to finally be over after almost six years.

The Truth About the Steve Alford Buyout

Let’s get this straight. Steve Alford will make the same amount of money whether UCLA fires him today or on May 1st.

Jason McIntyre: UCLA Hoops’ Alford “Buyout” Could be Done As Soon As Today

There could be some motion coming on the UCLA basketball coaching situation.

Why UCLA Bruins Fans Will Get a New Basketball Coach Before a New AD

A lot of Bruin fans are understandably upset. They want blood and they want it now. They aren’t content with firing Steve Alford. They want Athletic Director Dan Guerrero fired, too. How likely is that? Let’s take a realistic view of the landscape.

UCLA Basketball News Roundup: Bruin Fans Wait for End of Alford Era

Frustration abounds among UCLA fans. After yesterday’s game, Dan Guerrero declined to comment.

It’s the Coaching, Stupid!

Bruin fans are anxiously awaiting for the axe to finally fall.

Alford and Bruins Go Down in Flames to Liberty, 73-58

This was the most pathetic exhibition of Bruins Basketball in some time, and the person in charge of this basketball team needs to be held accountable.

Liberty Flames at UCLA Bruins Game Thread

The Bruins look to snap their three-game skid, but that may be harder than it looks on paper.

Game Preview and How to Watch: Liberty at UCLA

The Bruins face the Flames this afternoon in what should be a must-win game for Steve Alford.

UCLA Basketball: All I Want for Christmas Is...Larry Brown!?!

No, I am not crazy, but, yeah, I know it won’t happen.

UCLA Basketball: Steve Alford’s “Audience of One” Is Not Who He Thinks

It’s time for Alford’s real audience of one to take action.

UCLA Basketball News Roundup: Even the National Media is Coming Around to #FireAlford

UCLA’s loss to Ohio State yesterday makes qualifying for an NCAA Tournament appearance difficult this year.

The Alford Farewell Tour Continues as UCLA Loses to Ohio State, 80-66

It’s time for someone to rid us of this troublesome coach.

UCLA Basketball Is Hitting New Lows Under Steve Alford

The Bruins were blown out at Cincinnati in the latest embarrassment for a once-proud program.

UCLA Basketball News Roundup: The End of an Era (Read: Error) for the Bruins

The Bruins’ underachieving team looks terrible in its fourth loss.

UCLA, Steve Alford Get Exposed by Michigan State 87-67

No offensive system, no defense, no coaching

ESPN and Bruins Nation Agree: Win or Bust for Alford 

UCLA Athletic Director Dan Guerrero, are you listening? No one thinks Alford can cut it in the big time.

David Grace Firing Only Raises More Questions for Steve Alford and UCLA

UCLA is again caught flat-footed by bad news.

It’s Time for UCLA to Negotiate a Divorce With Steve Alford

He doesn’t want to be here and no self-respecting Bruin fan wants him here either.

UCLA Basketball: Alford Rumors to Xavier University? We Can Only Dream

Alford does not look to be walking out the door to Xavier.

Loyola’s Sister Jean Trolls UCLA’s Steve Alford

Ouch! 98-year-old nun drops the mic on the Bruins head coach.

If UCLA Coach Steve Alford Were Honorable, He Would Resign Today

Alford made a promise to UCLA fans that he failed to keep.

The Alford Era of UCLA Basketball Review and Reset

Alford is staying as coach and should win the Pac-12 next year, but is anyone happy about it?

Fire Alford Banner: “Final Fours Not First Fours” as UCLA Fans Demand Action

Bruin fans call on Dan Guerrero to fix UCLA Basketball.

UCLA Basketball News Roundup: Why Wait? Fire Alford Now

Only Bruin haters defend Alford now and even they say only one more year.

Deja Bru-ins: UCLA Runs Out of Gas...AGAIN!

It’s time for Steve Alford to go away.

Bruin Fan Names Wi-Fi Network #FireSteveAlford

Sometimes, it's hard to measure the animosity UCLA fans have for Steve Alford. But, then again, sometimes, it isn't.

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Villanova and its coach give an entire generation of students reasons to support the program and their school.

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Mobile Billboard Calls For Alford To Be Fired

Planes, trucks and....? What's next?