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Fire Alford

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The Details of Kory Alford's Contract [Updated]

Being the coach's son pays well.

Guerrero Discusses UCLA Men's Basketball

Dan Guerrero discussed the state of the men's basketball program today. Let's see what he had to say.

Neuheisel: Extension Removal Not Alford's Idea

UCLA's former football coach offers his opinion on the letter from UCLA's current basketball coach.

Did Steve Alford Lie about His Defensive Record?

Steve Alford's statement about the defensive prowess of the teams that he's coached is inconsistent with his coaching record

UCLA Coach Alford Gives Back Contract Extension

Alford gives back contract extension after an unacceptable season.

National Media Clueless, Local Media Gets It

CBS can't even keep the facts straight in the Fire Alford Effort

Fire Alford Banner Flies High Above UCLA Campus

According to reports on Twitter, there is a banner flying over the UCLA campus in Westwood calling for Steve Alford to be fired.

Will Aaron Holiday be benched for Bryce?

LA Times Implies Bryce is the Problem

It's Time For a Recall of Lavin 2.0

A comparison of the coaching records of Steve Lavin and Steve Alford shows that Lavin's Bruins produced better results.

8 PAC 12 Teams in Postseason, Thanks Steve!

Steve Alford coaches UCLA to the most disappointing season in UCLA memory

Dan Guerrero's Sucker Bet

Alford Should Have Been Fired Yesterday, But Apparently UCLA's Athletic Director Thinks "Next Year's Recruits" Are The Magic Elixir That Will Fix Everything.

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Dan Guerrero Must Be Held Accountable

I Love UCLA, But I am Not Donating Until Dan Guerrero is Held Accountable

Kareem's Criticism of Alford's Coaching Was Right

Six months ago, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar criticized Steve Alford's basketball program. Six months later, the wisdom of his remarks is clear.

Really, Dan? Report Says Alford To Be Retained

According to an article on Bruin Report Online, there are enough influential donors who wanted to keep Alford.

Have UCLA Donors Abandoned Steve Alford?

According to an article on Bruin Report Online, donors are being heard in "unprecedented numbers" following Wednesday night's loss to Southern Cal. Meanwhile, the basketball coaching carousel has begun.

Former UCLA Basketball Players Are Up in Arms!

UCLA Bruins and others show their true feelings about the tragic state of UCLA basketball under Dan Guerrero and Steve Alford and we are being told that "discussions are taking place".

Is Prince Ali The Next Victim of Daddyball?

Rumors are rife that, if Steve Alford stays, Prince Ali will transfer.

Featured Fanshot

UCLA Basketball Is "Irrelevant"

As amazing as anything was the scene I encountered afterward in the bowels of the MGM Grand Garden Arena. For the first time in covering 20 years worth of Bruins postseasons, I was initially the on...
Bill Plaschke

This stream has:

Fire Steve Alford Now!

After becoming the first UCLA basketball coach in 74 years to go 0-3 against Southern Cal, Steve Alford needs to go.

10 Reasons Why Alford is the Worst UCLA Coach Ever

He now has the worst winning percentage of any post Wooden coach

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No Excuses For Not Firing Alford

The apologists are gone. No one, other than Plaschke, seems to be arguing that, on the merits, Alford deserves another year.

Two Sweet 16's Didn't Save the Last Steve, Why Alford?

Fire Steve Alford now

Alford: I Did a "Really Poor Job" [Updated]

That has to be the understatement of the year.

Alford Is UCLA's Worst Coach in 74 Years

Alford has to go. Tomorrow.

After Basketball's Version of 50-0, Alford Must Go

USC Destroys UCLA