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It’s All Business for UCLA Football in Advance of Hawai’i Game

The Bruins seem like they’re ready to put the first half of last week’s game behind them as they host the Rainbow Warriors.

NCAA Football: Texas A&M at UCLA Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Maybe it was because it was a short week. But, perhaps, the relatively light news from campus this week has more to do with the players and coaches being even more tight-lipped than usual during the season. Or, could it be that nothing the Bruins say can seem quite as exciting as the talking the team did on the field on Sunday?

I’m not quite sure, but it was a short week for UCLA Football this week necessitated by the fact that the Bruins played Texas A&M on Sunday and Hawai’i just six days later.

While the team began preparations for Hawai’i on Tuesday, there were only six post-practice interviews. Tuesday featured one coach (Jim Mora) and two players (Scott Quessenberry and Jacob Tuioti-Mariner) while Wednesday featured the two coordinators along with the Comeback Kid....Mr. 43 Seconds himself...Josh Rosen.


On Tuesday, Jim Mora met briefly with the media. He appeared to be in mid-season form in terms of his relationship with the media. He refused to answer questions regarding the injury status of various players. He seemed bothered by a question regarding the shortening of halftime which is an experiment the Pac-12 is trying during non-conference games to reduce the overall length of games.

He did speak a little about the Hawai’i offense being multiple, but emphasized that there can always be unscouted looks.

Tuesday’s player post-practice interviews included Scott Quessenberry and Jacob Tuioti-Mariner. In general, the players seemed committed to working harder and getting better.


After Wednesday’s practice, Josh Rosen spoke a lot about the comeback while also addressing things like how things work in the film room.

Coach Fisch primarily addressed the need to get into a better play-calling rhythm from the start of the game as well as how always being in a two-minute would affect things differently and why that’s not a good thing.

Coach Bradley discussed the poor rushing defense UCLA had last week. He admitted that you can’t expect to win games allowing that many yards.

And that’s all the news that came out of UCLA’s practices this week.

Go Bruins!!!