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Halftime: Hawai’i Rainbow Warriors at UCLA Bruins 2nd Half Thread

UCLA does what Bruins Nation would expect as they head to the half with a 35-7 lead.

NCAA Football: Hawaii at UCLA
Rosen once again leading the Bruins.
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

UCLA won the toss to start the game and deferred, allowing Hawai’i to start the game with the ball. The first half once again has proven that our defense still has a lot of work to do, but the first half also proved what we all know...give Josh Rosen some time and he will eat the defense up!

1st Half Summary

The Rainbow Warriors started the game with the ball and put together a pretty good first drive, aided by a nice Diocemy Saint Juste rush to the left for 9 yards to the HAW 37 on a big 3rd and 7 play. The drive ended up stalling on the UCLA 34. HAW ended up punting and pinning the Bruins on the 1 yard line.

UCLA started their drive at the 1 yard line with a penalty, but after that, it was the Rosen show again as he led the Bruins right down the field with beautiful pass after beautiful pass. He capped it off with a pass to the left to Darren Andrews for 25 yards for a TOUCHDOWN BRUINS!

Hawai’i’s next drive started at their own 12 yard line, and once again the Rainbow Warriors were able to move the ball, but once again could not put points on the board as they missed a 50 yard field goal attempt by Ryan Meskell.

UCLA took over and proceeded to once again drive down the field aided by a pass interference and a nice run by Demetric Felton to the right for 11 yards to the HAW 26. This set up another Josh Rosen pass to the left to Theo Howard for 26 yards for a TOUCHDOWN BRUINS!

Hawai’i started their next drive at the 25 yard line and once again methodically drove the ball down the field with a nice mix of pass and rush plays. The Rainbow Warriors capped off the drive with a Dru Brown pass to the right to Diocemy Saint Juste for 4 yards for a TD.

UCLA took the kickoff and started on their own 27, and the broken record starts again as UCLA drove down the field, but this drive provided a lot more run plays. As six of the plays of the drive were run plays. The drive was capped off with a Demetric Felton rush to the left for 1 yard for a TOUCHDOWN BRUINS!

HAW took the kickoff and started on their own 27. On the fourth play of the drive the Rainbow Warriors were flagged for an illegal pick play. That created a 3rd and 17 incomplete pass by Dru Brown. Then the Rainbow Warriors attempted a fake punt which was a strange play call t say the least. The run came up short, and the Bruins took over.

UCLA and Jed Fisch dialed up some trickery on the first play as Caleb Wilson received a pass from Rosen and then passed to the right to Nate Starks for 39 yards to the HAW 9. It was a beautiful play and great execution. Josh Rosen capped of the drive with a bullet pass over the middle to Darren Andrews for 9 yards for a TOUCHDOWN BRUINS!

On Hawai’i’s first play of their next drive Dru Brown’s pass to to the left was intercepted by Darnay Holmes and returned for 30 yards for a TOUCHDOWN. It was a great break on the ball and an easy TD for the Bruins. Their first TD from the defense so far this year.

Rainbow Warriors took the kickoff and once again moved the ball on UCLA. But on a 4th and 10, the Rainbow Warriors went for it and a dropped ball stopped the drive.

Overall, the UCLA Bruins did what Bruins Nation would have expected and wanted during the first half. Rosen was 12/14 for 170 yards and 3 TD’s. His play was nothing short of stellar. Jed Fisch called a fabulous first half. His mixture of run and pass was perfect to keep the D off balance. I would expect more of the same during the second half