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Lonzo Ball Roasts his Dad LaVar in his First Commercial

In the 60-second spot for Foot Locker, the former Bruin talks about his dad’s antics. Hilarity ensues.

UCLA v Kentucky Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Lonzo Ball’s signature $495 Big Baller shoes may still be months away from being available, but that didn’t stop Ball from doing his first TV commercial, along with several other top NBA prospects, for where else but Foot Locker.

The ad features De’Aaron Fox, Jayson Tatum, Jonathan Isaac and Ball sharing fond memories of things their dads had done for them.

At least until Lonzo starts to share.

That’s when things get awkward, just like LaVar, as Zo starts talking about many of his dad’s antics.

He mentions such things like berating his high school coach for not getting him enough touches and telling 29 of 30 NBA teams to not bother drafting Zo.

But, to be totally honest, though, the funniest line in my opinion comes from Duke’s Jayson Tatum at the end. You really just need to see it for yourself.

“And, fishing....We went fishing a lot.” What a way to wrap it up!

Go Bruins!