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WATCH: SNL: Weekend Update Summer Edition Roasts LaVar Ball

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Kenan Thompson played LaVar on an expanded summer episode of the popular SNL skit.

Kenan Thompson as LaVar Ball on SNL Weekend Update Summer Edition
Saturday Night Live on YouTube

It’s said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. If that’s the case, then, tonight, LaVar Ball probably feels honored tonight.

That’s because SNL’s Weekend Update Summer Edition featured a segment tonight with actor Kenan Thompson portraying Lonzo’s dad.

And, Thompson had all of LaVar’s bluster down quite well.

In response to a comment from Colin Jost regarding the Lakers’ high expectations for Lonzo, Thompson’s Ball proclaimed:

Oh, he’s going to win a hell of a lot more than that...NBA MVP, FINALS MVP. He's going to win an ESPY, a GRAMMY, a Purple Heart, and he’s going to get Best Truck in his class by J.D. Power and Associates. I guarantee it.

The only thing which could have potentially made the segment better would have been if they had Tina Fey an Amy Poehler doing the interview and had “LaVar” telling one of them to “Stay in yo lane, Tina and Amy!”

It will be interesting to see if Thompson’s LaVar character becomes a frequent “guest” on future editions of either the Weekend Update Summer Edition or the regular Weekend Update skits when SNL returns in the Fall.

Here’s the video of the entire sketch, courtesy of Saturday Night Live’s YouTube channel.

Personally, my favorite part was when he described the Zo2 shoes as being made of “South African ‘rhino-sauce-ros’ horn”. Hilarious!

Go Bruins!!!