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This site is in no way affiliated with, endorsed by, or in any way connected with the UCLA Athletic Department. All opinions expressed herein are solely those of the authors.

Photographs from other sources sometimes appear on this blog for humorous or illustrative purposes. As it is not our intention to use these images in any inappropriate manner or to infringe upon any rights held by others, anyone holding legal rights in the use of these images who wishes to have them taken down may send us an e-mailrequesting such removal, with which we will comply promptly.

All audio/video music links or embed is posted out of love and with the intention of promoting musicians, encouraging wide-spread appreciation of the music and support of the artists. Bruins Nation is not motivated by malice or profit. If you are an artist who would prefer that his or her music be removed from this site, please email us, and we will happily honor your request. If you like anything that you hear on this site, please support the artists.