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Pauley Renovation

Featured Fanshot

UCLA Warmup at Pauley Madness

UCLA Warmup at Pauley Madness

Featured Fanshot

A "welcome home" video I put together from stuff I found online. Hope you enjoy!

A "welcome home" video I put together from stuff I found online. Hope you enjoy!

Featured Fanshot

First Frisbee Chant and 8-Clap at the reopening of Pauley Pavilion

First Frisbee Chant and 8-Clap at the reopening of Pauley Pavilion

Guerrero Killing Coach Wooden's UCLA Circle?

Picture of renovated Pauley indicates that UCLA’s incompetent athletic department may be getting rid of the famous center court logo from John and Nell Wooden Court.

#SFatPauley: Lying Scumbag Mark Harlan - A History of Two-Faced Doublespeak for Dan Guerrero's Pathetic Athletic Department

Bruins Nation goes on the attack and calls out the Athletic Department for their pattern of deceitful misinformation and history of manipulative, lying behavior.

#SFatPauley: The Final Day for UCLA Students to VOTE NO on Pauley Seating Boondoggle

The final day for UCLA students to vote no on Pauley student seating plan. A quick recap and reset of the ongoing campaign at BruinsNation, which has lasted for well over a month.

#SFatPauley - BruinsNation Launches Facebook Ad Campaign to Restore Students’ Courtside Seating

BruinsNation launch a methodical Facebook advertisement aimed at UCLA students in an effort to restore their court-side seating arrangement at the historic Pauley Pavilion.

#SFatPauley: Redemption for U.C.L.A. Students >> A NO Vote to Preserve Courtside Seating at Pauley

BruinsNation urges all UCLA students to cast a NO Vote in upcoming student elections on campus on the question as to whether UCLA athletics should end a 40+ year old tradition of court-side seating for students and banish them behind the basket.

#SFatPauley – Concerns about UCLA’s Efforts to "Fix" The Student Seating Vote

As UCLA students get set to vote on a misguided seating arrangement proposed by UCLA athletics, concerns are expressed about the process around the elections.

#SFatPauley: More of the Same from the Daily Pravda

Bruins Nation exposes the campus newspaper for not asking hard questions of the Athletic Department regarding their underhanded plan to take away the traditional student section at Pauley Pavilion

#SFatPauley: Morgan Center Still Full of Lies and Contradictions

#SFatPauley: Morgan Center continues to mislead and lie to #UCLA students and alumni

#SFatPauley: Dan Guerrero Is Feeling the Pressure; Shows Signs of Blinking

Dan Guerrero shows signs of reversing terrible decision to banish students from the sidelines of Pauley Pavilion.

#SFatPauley: The Numbers on New Pauley's Student Seating Don't Jibe

Bruins Nation digs into the seat numbers for student seating and discovers that figures given by UCLA athletics do not back up their claims to justify the boondoggle.

#SFatPauley: Deafening Silence: Daily Bruin Abdicates its Responsibility, Sells Out to Morgan Center

Bruins Nation asks why the UCLA campus newspaper, the Daily Bruin, has completely failed to make any mention of the Pauley student seating fiasco or the underhanded tactics used by the Athletic Department.

#SFatPauley – Student "Apathy" around UCLA Athletics: A "Chicken & Egg" Problem with Some Possible Solutions

BruinsNation explores the issue of "student apathy" around UCLA athletics, an excused used by UCLA athletics and its cronies to banish students from the sidelines of New Pauley.

#SFatPauley – Bruin Alums & Students Keep Blasting UCLA on Facebook for Pauley Boondoggle

Avalanche of comments from Bruin alums and students keep pouring out via Facebook taking aim at UCLA's dubious ploy to shut out students from sidelines of New Pauley.

#SFatPauley : Dear Coach Ben Howland - Help Bruins Return UCLA Students to Court-Side at Pauley

Coach Ben Howland needs to do what Coach John Wooden have done in response to the student seating scandal involving New Pauley - put students first by helping restore student's court-side seating in the renovated Pauley.

#SFatPauley: Morgan Center's Student Seating Plan - Does It Really Mirror Other Pac-12 Schools?

UCLA's athletic department claims that it's controversial student seating plan for the renovated Pauley Pavilion compares to several well-known conference peers. Does this claim hold water?

#SFatPauley ("Students First at Pauley"): UCLA Must Restore Court-side Seating for Students

Bruins Nation ask UCLA athletics to put students firsts and restore students court-side seating arrangements (as was planned before) in the New Pauley.

#SFatPauley: Desperate UCLA Deletes Bruins' Facebook Criticisms of Student Seating Scandal

Do not let Morgan Center get away with stealing Pauley sideline seats from students; get involved on the UCLA Athletics FB page.

#SFatPauley: Did U.C.L.A. Mislead The Den or Did The Den Cut its Own Throat?

Troubling question emerge from the latest Pauley renovation related fiasco about whether UCLA officials lied or mislead students about their seating arrangements in the renovated arena.

#SFatPauley: UCLA Shutting Out Students From Sidelines of "New Pauley"

UCLA releases seating plan for students at "New Pauley" and it looks like a giant FAIL.

UCLA Planning For Better Communication & Information On Pauley Renovation

Some information from UCLA on their plans for Pauley renovation.

UCLA Cuts Donation Requirements For Season Seats Post-Renovation

[Update] Still Waiting On UCLA To Open Lines Of Communication On Pauley Renovation

Expressing concern about lack of communication from UCLA's athletic department with regards to ongoing project of renovating Pauley Pavilion.

[Updated] Ground Breaking For Pauley Renovation: Video, Photo Highlights

Video and photos from the groundbreaking event for the renovation of UCLA's historic Pauley Pavilion.

Dan Guerrero Does A Little "Q&A" On Pauley Renovation

Dan Guerrero, UCLA's athletic director attempts to "engage" in a "Q&A" session.

[Update x 2] LA Times: UCLA Is "Using Some Student Money For Pauley Pavilion" Renovation

Latest update on efforts to renovate Pauley Pavilion at UCLA.

More Pauley Renovation Notes

More Pauley Renovation Notes

Followup Thoughts On Pauley Renovation Plan Announcement

BruinsNation offers up more followup thoughts on Pauley Pavilion renovation plans.

Pauley Pavilion Renovation: First Class Money, But Will It Be a First Class Arena?

UCLA unveiled plans for a $185 million renovation to legendary Pauley Pavilion, but it looks like it's first class money for a second class facility.

Pauley Pavilion Renovation Plan: First Impressions & More Questions

First impressions from Bruins Nation on UCLA's public announcements on plans to renovate Pauley.