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Spaulding Report

UCLA Football: “We Need to Execute on Both Sides of the Ball”

Dorian Thompson-Robinson explained what needs to happen for the Bruins to beat Utah on Saturday.

UCLA Football: It’s Improvement Week for the Bruins

UCLA Football: Chip Kelly Refuses to Comment on Late Targeting Call

He offered no opinion about the call when he was asked about it yesterday.

UCLA Football: Chip Kelly Offers a Glimpse Into How He Calls the Offense

Kelly spoke about how he plans strategically each week.

UCLA Football: Better Tackling was a Key to the Stanford Win

Chip Kelly cited better tackling as a big reason UCLA defeated the Cardinal last Thursday.

UCLA Football: Theo Howard’s Departure Dominates Chip Kelly’s Pressers

Following the sudden departure of Theo Howard, Chip Kelly’s recruiting woes were called into question during his post-practice pressers.

UCLA Football: Defense Looks to “Tackle, Tackle, Tackle”

Meanwhile, Chip Kelly spoke about how Austin Burton throws a nice, catchable ball.

UCLA Football’s Kelly Gets Chippy During Monday Interview

Chip Kelly didn’t appear to care much for the questions he was being asked yesterday morning—more so than usual.

UCLA Football Looks to Move Forward as Bruins Head to Arizona

After Saturday’s stunning comeback against Wazzu, Chip Kelly was quick to shift his attention this week to the Bruins’ upcoming bout with the Arizona Wildcats.

UCLA Football: Chip Kelly Questioned About Jerry Azzinaro’s Performance

Chip Kelly claimed this week that he has "zero restrictions" on his assistant coaches speaking with the media.

UCLA Football: Chip Kelly Avoids Question of What Offense Suits His Players

Listening to Chip Kelly is a lot like watching Seinfeld without the laughs.

UCLA Football: Week 3 Media Interviews

We’ve gathered all of this week’s pre-practice and post-practice interviews in one place.

UCLA Football: Chip Kelly Didn’t Think About Benching Dorian Thompson-Robinson

Chip Kelly dodged the serious questions about UCLA’s loss to Cincinnati when he met with the media this morning.

UCLA Football: Chip Kelly Doesn’t Offer Much Info on Bo Calvert’s Situation

It was the first topic of conversation when Kelly spoke before practice, but he didn’t have a whole lot to say.

UCLA Football: Bruins’ Task at Hand Is to “Go 1-0 This Week”

The Bruins have started to prepare for their game on Thursday against Cincinnati. Overall, everyone sounds pumped, but there is a reason to be concerned about the UCLA defense.

UCLA Football: Bruins Are “Excited to Hit Some Other People”

UCLA linebackers discuss the changing culture of the team and the impact that is having on the field.

UCLA Football: Chip Kelly Has the Healthiest Team of His Career

As the Bruins prepare for their season opener, the UCLA Football team is healthy and ready for action.

UCLA Football: Bruins’ Offensive Line Looks to Keep Getting Better

Coming off their best season in a long time, the offensive line looks to keep building on that success.

UCLA Football: Chip Kelly’s Sport Science Program is Helping the Bruins

The sport science program combined with Frank Wintrich’s strength and conditioning program looks to pay off for UCLA football.

UCLA Football: Trying to Improve a Little Each Day

Whether he uses the phrase "Win the day" or not, Chip Kelly is looking for his players to keep getting better.

UCLA Football: Special Teams Looks to Step Up

The specialists had the spotlight today in post-practice interviews.

UCLA Football: Senior Josh Woods Is Happy to Be Playing Football Again

After suffering a season-ending injury last season, Josh Woods is happy to be back on the field.

UCLA Football: Bruins Look to Make Speed and Tempo Weapons

Chip Kelly knows you can’t teach speed, but you can increase your tempo. With a year of Kelly under their belts, the Bruins may be looking to use both speed and tempo as weapons this season.

Spaulding Report Jumbo Edition: Catching Up on UCLA Football Fall Camp

Tonight, we’ve got a long Spaulding Report for you to catch you up on the first week and a half of UCLA football training camp.

UCLA Football: 2019 Spring Game Preview

What to look forward to as we hit the halfway point of the football drought.

UCLA Football: Continuity Helps As Bruins Get Back to Business

Two of UCLA’s offensive linemen spoke today about what starting a second year under Chip Kelly feels like.

Spaulding Report: UCLA Football Opens “Spring Training” Looking to Improve

The Bruins held their first training session this morning as they look to build and improve on last season’s results.

UCLA Football: Bruins Look Forward to “California State Championship” Game

Having beaten UC Berkeley and Southern Cal, UCLA faces their final California opponent in the Stanford Cardinal and Chip Kelly has told his players it’s the "California State Championship" game.

UCLA Football’s Chip Kelly: “We Have To Stop Bryce Love”

The Bruins have begun their preparations to take on the Cardinal on Saturday.

UCLA Football: Chip Kelly Dismisses Idea of a Dedicated Special Teams Coach

The Bruins head coach spoke about the team’s problems with special teams against Oregon.

UCLA Football: Chip Kelly Discusses Fundamentals and Return to Autzen

Meanwhile, Stefan Flintoft discussed the punting game and Theo Howard spoke about dropped passes.

UCLA Football: Bruins Look to Stay Focused During a Short Week

The Bruin defenders are pleased with the way they’ve been taking the ball away.