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UCLA Football Coach Jim Mora Vows Changes to the Run Game

Coach Mora, Jayon Brown, and Conor McDermott spoke to reporters about the run game, Josh Rosen’s status, and even some injury updates.

NCAA Football: UCLA at Washington State
Bolu and the backs are looking to be able to get more yards going forward with some new changes to how the Bruins run the football.
James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

When Jim Mora met with reporters on Monday, he vowed that there would be changes to the run game.

"We think we’ve identified some things that we can do that can help us have more success running the football," Mora said. "Which hopefully will help us throw the ball more effectively, hopefully it’ll help us give the defense better field position, increase our time of possession, you know, do those types of things that can give us a better chance of winning."

Mora hesitated to call the changes "drastic," but hopefully only noticeable to the un-trained eye in that the Bruins are more productive on the ground.

"We’ve looked at personnel, we’ve looked at scheme, we’ve looked at the way we teach it, we’ve looked at what we emphasize, the words that we use, the things that we say," Mora said. "And hopefully, you know, we’ve come to a point where we’re able to get it fixed."

"That’s our issue. It all kind of comes down to that."

Rosen "Very Hopeful" to Play Against Utah

After not taking any reps in practice last week, Josh Rosen was very close to being able to play at Washington State. Rosen took all the QB reps in a Saturday walk through the team held at the University of Idaho, Mora said, but, during pre-game, realized he couldn’t go.

"He was medically cleared if he could do certain things and when he went out in pre-game he couldn’t do those things," Mora said.

Rosen could start taking reps in practice again this week, and be able to play on Saturday.

"My hope is that, by tomorrow, he’ll feel good enough that he can go out and practice and do a little bit more and, that as we go through the week, on Saturday he’ll be able to play," Mora said. "But, look, whether Josh plays or not, we still have to be able to run the football."

Competition Opened Up for Placekicker

After the UCLA's first touchdown against Washington State on Saturday night, it was not J.J. Molson, but Andrew Strauch who kicked the point after, though Molson came in for the next two.

"I made a decision to open up competition at that position this week between J.J. and Andrew, just felt like that would help both of them," Mora said. "That’s going to be the way it continues in the kicking game, is those guys are both going to get chances and they both deserve chances. That’s a position where we want to develop more consistency."

Injury Notes

Nate Meadors didn’t play last week with a groin injury, though Mora is hopeful that he’ll be ready to practice and play this week. Kolton Miller is getting an X-ray this week, which will give the team an indication of how soon he can come back.

Check out more for Coach Mora, Jayon Brown, and Conor McDermott below. Videos are courtesy of Thuc Nhi Nguyen of the LA Daily News.

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