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UCLA Football Head Coach Jim Mora Calls Out Brock Huard For Comments on Josh Rosen’s Injury

Mora also said that Bruin QB Josh Rosen wouldn’t need to practice this week in order to play on Friday.

NCAA Football: UCLA at Washington Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

After losing to Washington over the weekend, the UCLA Football team got to work preparing for Friday night’s game against Utah. Unfortunately, Josh Rosen sat out practice while still recovering from the undisclosed injury or injuries he suffered in Saturday’s game against Washington.

After practice, UCLA head coach Jim Mora tried to anticipate the questions that would be asked by offering the fact that Rosen didn’t practice on Monday. Mora admitted that he just didn’t know whether or not Rosen will be available for Friday night’s game and, when pressed, Mora acknowledged that Rosen wouldn’t need to practice during the week in order to play on Friday.

But, the big news from Mora’s interview came in response to a separate question from LA Times reporter Ben Bolch. Bolch asked about the comments that ESPN analyst Brock Huard made questioning Rosen’s toughness during the Washington broadcast.

Mora said:

I would put very little stock in what Brock Huard has to say about anything that has to do with football. That would be controversial, but it’s the truth. I’ve known that kid since he was in college. No, he’s not a friend of mine.

[As the reporters started asking another question...]

Can I just interrupt? Time-out.

I think it’s ludicrous that anyone would question Josh Rosen’s toughness when they don’t know the nature of his injury. In all fairness to my comment, for a broadcaster who knows zippo about what’s going on down there, to question the toughness of Josh Rosen...I don’t know...maybe, it drives ratings. I don’t know. Maybe, the producer was talking in his ear. I don’t know.

But, it doesn’t make sense to me that Brock Huard has any...anyway to ever question Josh Rosen. But, that’s his job. So, I do understand that that’s his job.

Surly Jim Mora has finally returned, just as it looked like Sullen Jim had permanently replaced Surly Jim.

Here’s the full video of Mora’s interview. All of last night’s videos are courtesy of Thuc Nhi Nguyen of

Bruin center Scott Quessenberry also met with the media yesterday. Quessenberry offered his thoughts on Saturday’s game. “I don’t think we played good enough team football to win,” Quessenberry said.

Here’s the full Quessenberry interview.

Jacob Tuoti-Mariner also spoke after practice. He spoke a little about last year’s game against Utah and how the team is trying to “learn and move on.”

Here’s the full interview with Tuoti-Mariner.

Finally, Lokeni Toailoa spoke after practice as well. He spoke about how he’s been playing on special teams after missing some time due to injury.

Here’s the full interview of Lokeni Toailoa.

The team continues to prepare for Utah this evening.

Thanks again to Thuch Nhi Nguyen for all of today’s videos!

Go Bruins!