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Spaulding Report: UCLA Football Is Working Hard To Get Better

The offense has run the ball well the past two practices.

Devon Modster throws a pass during Spring Practice on April 8, 2017.
Joe Piechowski

UCLA Football held their eighth practice of Spring Ball yesterday as the offense continues to improve.

Coach Mora seemed pleased with the overall progress the team is making on the offensive side of the ball. After practice, he mentioned that yesterday was the best the run game has been so far. “I’m seeing a better understanding of how we’re blocking, angles, schemes, timing, backs having a better understanding of where the hole is going to open up and when, aiming points, all of those things,” Mora said. “And then backs being more decisive in hitting it downhill.

“When you’re running an inside, outside zone running scheme, you’re a one cut and downhill running team.”

Mora was asked about the backup quarterback battle. He indicated that both Devon Modster and Matt Lynch are splitting time with the twos. “They’re both doing a really good job,” Mora said. He also suggested that he wasn’t looking for either of them to step up and seize the role of backup QB because they’re both progressing and he wants both of them to continue to make progress at this point.

He also rattled off a list of names of younger guys who are making good progress at their positions. That list included WR Audie Omotosho, RB Demetric Felton, TE Jordan Wilson, who Mora referred to as “Josh,” offensive lineman Michael Alves, and DB Colin Samuel.

Thanks to Ed Lewis of the Bruin Sports Report for the video of Coach Mora.

In addition to Coach Mora, defensive line Coach Angus McClure also spoke after practice.

Coach McClure spoke about how, despite losing some big guys on the defensive line, they still have a lot of guys who have a wealth of experience. “We’re fortunate to have a lot of depth right now,” McClure said. He added that this is probably his deepest defensive line since he started coaching the line. “Right now, currently, we’re rolling three-deep.” That’s important because the team would like to play 8 to 10 guys a game in order to help keep the guys fresh.

Thanks to Thuc Nhi Nguyen of for the videos of Coach McClure, Devon Modster and Caleb Wilson.

We also have Devon Modster’s first interview.

He spoke about knowing the offense entirely in order to fix an incorrect call. He seemed to welcome Coach Fisch getting on him. “He’s always on me, but I think it’s better for me,” Modster said. When asked if he’s noticed anything different about Josh Rosen, he quipped, “Yeah, he’s a lot healthier.”

Modster also revealed that he would have been the guy to go in last season if Mike Fafaul had gotten hurt. He also mentioned that the team had installed what he described as “Crenshaw” which would have been a Wildcat-like formation with Mossi Johnson as the lead guy.

Caleb Wilson commented on new offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch’s attention to detail. “He’s demanding, but that’s what we need,” Wilson said. “Today, we did what he asked and we executed and we had a pretty solid day.”

Wilson concluded by adding, “Coach said, ‘We’re not good yet.’ We’re just getting better.”

It’s good to hear a level of humility coming from our players.

Go Bruins!