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Spaulding Report: New UCLA Offensive Coordinator Jedd Fisch Is a Stickler For Detail

That’s how Darren Andrews described him after practice today.

NCAA Football: UCLA at Arizona State Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Good afternoon, Bruin fans! This morning, UCLA Football held Spring Practice Session #2.

Of course, the question everyone is asking is “How is Josh Rosen?” Well, they say a picture is worth a thousand words. If that’s the case, then video must be worth a few billion words, which is why I’m particular grateful that our friend Edward Lewis from the Bruin Sports Report posted a video clip of the quarterbacks and receivers doing a passing drill today. You’ll want to watch the whole thing because there are clips of Josh scattered throughout the entire video.

After practice, new UCLA Offensive Coordinator Jedd Fisch met with the media for the first time since he joined the staff a few months ago. Interestingly, Fisch mentioned that he didn’t really watch any of the films from last season. His reasoning for that was because he couldn’t put any real context onto what he would be watching.

He also mentioned that he’s looking to break his 13-year streak of a new quarterback each season, saying that he would “have the same one for two years.” This could be an indication that, at this point, this may not be Josh Rosen’s final year in Westwood.

Given that this was Fisch’s first meeting with the media, it makes sense that he would discuss some of his offensive philosophy. More specifically, he spoke about both the running game and the passing game:

I think you marry your system up so your pass game and your run game complement one another. They're not two separate entities. So we should be able to have a marriage and run-pass options there and, then, on the same token, hopefully that everybody understands the commitment you have to make to be a good running team. You have to fight for an extra yard if it presents itself. You have to make the explosive play if it's there. There's always a lot of runs for two yards and 3 yards but the ones that actually allow you to have the big rushing days are the ones that you could break. You know, when you had that one 38-yard run...that one 50-yard run and then the rest of them are what they are. They just skews your average but it helps you be a great running team.

Fisch was also asked about how he will get ready for the Pac-12 defenses and he replied by saying that his family isn’t out here in Southern California yet, so he has a lot of time on his hands to do that.

He wrapped up his session in a Mora-esque fashion by refusing to label the offense. He said, “We don't really label our offense, other than the fact that, hopefully, it's one where they can move the ball.”

I think that most Bruin fans would be happy with an offense that can move the ball this season.

Here’s the full video of Coach Fisch meeting with the media. Like all of today’s videos, this one is also courtesy of Ed Lewis.

Soso Jamabo also spoke with the media after practice and he seems focused on getting better everyday. He said, “It’s just about me working hard, being where I need to be and doing what I need to do to be the best player I can and whatever happens after that is going to happen.”

Kolton Miller spoke about making the transition from the right side to the left side of the line. He also mentioned that the playbook is a lot more to learn than the team had in the past. When asked to compare new offensive line coach Hank Fraley to Adrian Klemm, Miller said, “I would say he’s more of a teacher.”

Finally, today, there is Bruin receiver Darren Andrews. He was asked to describe Coach Fisch. His answer was very interesting, especially for those of us who have followed the program for a long time. He said:

I like him. People say he’s strict. He’s a stickler. He's a very detailed. He wants things run exactly to his way at this right depth...that, if it's at 15, you run it at 15, not 15-1/2.... He's very precise.

He also compared it to a teacher giving specific instructions for a paper and losing points if it’s not that way.

So, the good news from this is that it sounds like Coach Fisch is very detail-oriented and very focused on the offense being well-disciplined, which is something that has been missing offensively during the first five years of the Mora era.

Let’s hope that’s the case.

For years, we’ve watched as the team has racked up yards of unfocused, undisciplined penalties, especially on the offensive line where they’ve had a lot of issues with false starts. Hopefully, this means that the team will be focused and disciplined come September.

Thanks again to Ed Lewis and the Bruin Sports Report for today’s videos!

The Bruins’ next practice is on Saturday morning at 9am on the IM Field. It will also be the first of this year’s Bruins Nation Breakfast meet-ups before practice. Come on out! Meet other members of Bruins Nation and see where the team is so far with the new offense.

We’ll be meeting at 7:30 am at Headlines! Diner in Westwood.

Go Bruins!