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Spaulding Report: UCLA Defense Outplays Offense At Spring Practice #3

It’s still too early to see much progress offensively.

Josh Rosen under pressure from Jacob Tuioti-Mariner, April 8, 2017.
Joe Piechowski

Today, UCLA Football held their third practice of the Spring. It was the first time that I was able to get out there and observe the team since Spring Practice started on Tuesday.

Overall, things looked the way they tend to look at this point in Spring Ball. That is, the defense is ahead of the offense. It makes sense, after all. New offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch and the other offensive coaches are just installing the new offense and the players are still learning it.

In his post-practice press conference today, Coach Mora indicated that he was pleased that the guys on that side of the ball aren’t making as many mistakes as he would expect.

But, that doesn’t mean that they are executing the offense yet at maximum efficiency yet.

The defense definitely won the day today as they seemed to stop the offense pretty easily. The offense seemed to have a hard time gaining yardage against the defense today.

Josh Rosen seemed to being throwing the ball well, although one pass from Rosen to Jordan Lasley was underthrown and Lasley was clearly upset it had been underthrown and he made it known verbally.

The play of the day came from defensive lineman Jacob Tuioti-Mariner. Tuioti-Mariner penetrated into the offensive backfield and was able to easily swat down a pass from Josh Rosen.

I’ve got a few videos from today’s practice itself. The first was one I shot on as a Facebook Live video.

We're live at UCLA Football Spring Practice #3. #GoBruins

Posted by Bruins Nation on Saturday, April 8, 2017

The second is another one I shot as a Facebook Live video during 9-on-7 drills.

We're now into some 9-on-7 drills at UCLA Football Spring Practice #3! #GoBruins

Posted by Bruins Nation on Saturday, April 8, 2017

Our third practice video comes courtesy of Edward Lewis of the Bruin Sports Report. Ed was able to get some video of the offensive line and the defensive line working against each other.

Finally, today, we have Coach Jim Mora addressing the media after practice. Thanks again to Ed for that video! If you have some time, please give the Bruin Sports Report a visit!


  • As Coach Mora mentioned during his interview, Mossi Johnson played some defensive back as the coaches try to find a role for him. Mora mentioned that he could go back and forth from offense to defense, but that’s to be determined.
  • Jake Burton has moved from the defensive line to the offensive line because of his size. Coach Mora thinks this move will be a permanent move.
  • Alex Akingbulu and Zack Bateman have been missing practice due to injuries.
  • Johnnie Johnson is close to graduation and will pursue a graduate transfer.
  • Brandon Burton is working as a hybrid DB/LB. This is typical position when the team is playing a nickel defense.
  • Mora said that, so far, the standout freshmen include Darnay Holmes, Jaelan Phillips, Jimmy Jaggers, and Austin Burton.
  • Training camp will be held on campus this year because of the completion of the Wasserman Center. Based on Coach Mora’s comments, it sounds as if training camp will be closed to the public.
  • Next week, the team will be practicing on Monday at 4pm, Wednesday at 7am, Thursday at 4pm and Saturday at 9am.

Go Bruins!