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UCLA Football: Defense Wins the First Day in Full Pads

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The Bruin defense made some big plays yesterday.

Angus McClure instructs freshman Odua Isibor.
Joe Piechowski

Since camp began last week, we’ve taken a look at a bunch of the drills the team has been working on. But, for the most part, we’ve focused on the work that the offensive line has been doing. Of course, that’s because the offensive line is probably the biggest concern among Bruin fans after last season.

Well, another area for concern last season was the number of dropped balls the receivers had. So, yesterday, I shot several videos of the drills the receivers are doing with just the quarterbacks as well as their one-on-one drills against the defensive backs.

Let’s take a look, shall we?

First up is the one-on-one drill against the defensive backs.

Now, we have three videos of the receivers working with the quarterbacks.

While the offense continues working hard, the defense won the first day in full pads yesterday. Overall, the defense came up with some big stops during team drills. Lokeni Toailoa made a huge stop during a goal line period when he hit Jalen Starks and stripped the ball for a defensive TD.

The defense really seems to be adding a lot of new wrinkles to their strategy, switching up personnel frequently which, at times, seemed to cause havoc for the offense.

Of course, the offense needs to tighten up. After Toailoa’s touchdown, Modster missed a handoff to Bolu which the defense recovered.

As a result of the defensive play, those guys got to run as has become the tradition for whichever side of the ball wins the day.

After practice, Angus McClure discussed the defense, in general, and the impact of Jaelan Phillips, in particular. He compared Phillips’ impact to Anthony Barr which is pretty good company for the freshman to be compared to.

Thanks to Matt Joye of Bruin Report Online for today’s post-practice videos.

Phillips himself also met with the media for the first time since Fall camp started.]

The other players who met with the media were two of the offensive guys who have been turning heads so far. The first is Bolu Olorunfunmi and the other is wide receiver Darren Andrews.

That will wrap up the Spaulding Report for this morning. The team is scheduled to be back on the field this afternoon at 3:15 pm, but be sure to check the official UCLA Football Twitter account for any changes.

We’ll have a photo gallery from yesterday’s practice later on today.

Go Bruins!!!