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UCLA Football’s Kelly Gets Chippy During Monday Interview

Chip Kelly didn’t appear to care much for the questions he was being asked yesterday morning—more so than usual.

NCAA Football: UCLA at Arizona Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

When Jim Mora was the head coach of the UCLA Bruins, you’d know when he was in a bad mood when he spoke with the media. Up till now, Chip Kelly has managed to do a better job at hiding his disdain among his usual snarkiness. But, lately, Chip has been getting chippy with the media.

Yesterday’s press conference was a good example. Ben Bolch of the LA Times picked things up from Kelly’s postgame press conference by bringing up the running back rotation between Joshua Kelley and Demetric Felton.

Chip immediately tried to shut it down by responding with “Well, we’re a one back offensive. So, the other kid’s pretty good, in case you were wondering.” Of course, the “other kid” he referenced was Josh Kelley. But, the level of snark and, indeed, hubris here is kind of unbelievable.

When Bolch asked about playing Felton at the slot where he played last season, Kelly made it seem like he was suggesting having a offensive lineman play quarterback rather than considering getting Felton some more snaps at a different skilled position which he is familiar with. Again, Chip was getting chippy.

Later on, the topic shifted to the new California law which will allow players to make money through sponsorship deals and a reasonable question was asked about if the new law will change how Kelly recruits moving forward, but Kelly shut the question down by saying that it doesn’t take affect until 2023, even though the 2020 recruiting class could potentially benefit from the law.

Meanwhile, after practice, JJ Molson and Austin Burton met with the media after practice. Molson took responsibility for his missed kick on Saturday and his other misses so far this season. Molson said he hadn’t really been following the new law which allows endorsement deals because it won’t affect him.

Burton spoke a little about the Arizona game and how he was disappointed because he didn’t lead the team to a final touchdown against the Wildcats. He spoke about how he’s preparing to play in case Dorian Thompson-Robinson cannot play due to his injury. When asked about the new California law, Burton said that the team hadn’t discussed it.

Thanks to UCLA Athletics for the videos from yesterday.

Go Bruins!!!