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UCLA Football: Chip Kelly Refuses to Comment on Late Targeting Call

He offered no opinion about the call when he was asked about it yesterday.

NCAA Football: Arizona State at UCLA Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Despite the Getty Fire, the UCLA Bruins football team was able to get Monday’s practice in. Before practice, Chip Kelly met with the media. Of course, there was concern about air quality, but Kelly explained that they get air quality projections from the university and that the projections were that it was ok to practice.

Of course, he was asked about the status of players’ injuries, the first of which was Dorian Thompson-Robinson. Kelly indicated that DTR was prepared to practice yesterday.

Kelly was also asked about the targeting call against Jaylen Shaw that came in the fourth quarter.

The officials called targeted and he’s going to have to sit for the first half of the Colorado game. I’m not allowed to feel. I can’t comment on officiating.

It doesn’t matter if we agree with a call or disagree with a call. That’s what the call is. So, you live with the call. That’s life. That’s like you can go out on the highway and say you’re not speeding but, if the officer that pulls you over says you are speeding, you’re gonna get ticket. You can argue it all you want, but it doesn’t matter. So, that’s part of the process that we go through and they rule for targeting is that you sit the remainder of that game and you sit the first half of this game that’s what Jay has to do.

Meanwhile, after practice, Martell Irby and Alex Anderson met with the media.

Irby spoke about what it was like to be back. He also indicated that he had injured his hamstring during the San Diego State game. He also spoke about the role he played catching passes out of the backfield on Saturday as well as how he and Kazmeir Allen kept each other’s spirits up when they were both out.

Alec Anderson discussed the cohesion on the offensive line as well as the improvements the line has made over the course of the season.

Thanks to UCLA Athletics for today’s practice videos.

Go Bruins!!!