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UCLA Football: Chip Kelly Avoids Question of What Offense Suits His Players

Listening to Chip Kelly is a lot like watching Seinfeld without the laughs.

Oklahoma v. UCLA Photo by Keith Birmingham/MediaNews Group/Pasadena Star-News via Getty Images

Before practice yesterday, Chip Kelly held his Monday morning press conference, which was kind of like Seinfeld. It was mostly a whole lot of nothing.

Take, for instance, Kelly’s response when asked about tailoring the offense to his group of current players and what they are best suited for:

In a lot of situations, you’re still learning some of the things, especially with the guys up front. We’ve got a lot of new players that haven’t had don’t have a ton of tape to kind of look at them and say, “What are they good at? What aren’t they good at?” Just because there’s some...a lot of brand new faces that you’re kind of fitting in there.


On one hand, Kelly masterfully uses coachspeak to say nothing. On the other hand, if you really read the response, it sounds like he doesn’t have a clue as far as what his current players are best suited for.

Thanks to UCLA Athletics for today’s videos.

After practice, Stephan Blaylock and Joshua Kelley met with the media.

Blaylock spoke about the need for the defense, in general, and the secondary, in particular, being more consistent.

Meanwhile, Kelley spoke about staying positive and helping the other guys on the team stay positive. He also spoke about how the players can acheive consistency offensively. Kelley said;

We just have to execute. Coach Kelly and Coach Frey, they’re putting us in great position to succeed. It just comes to us as players that we have to execute you.

Go Bruins!!!