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Sunday Morning Quarterback

UCLA Football: Jerry Azzinaro Still Needs to Go

It’s New Year’s Eve and Jerry Azzinaro is still UCLA’s defensive coordinator, but his contract and the contracts of UCLA’s other defensive assistants expire at the end of February.

SMQB: UCLA Football’s Coaching Staff Needs an Overhaul

Changes should be way or another.

SMQB: Chip Kelly Defends Coaches by Throwing UCLA Bruins Under the Bus

Chip Kelly’s postgame press conferences are usually pretty vanilla which makes what he said after yesterday’s loss to Southern Cal all the more shocking.

SMQB: After Being Embarrassed by Utah, How Will the UCLA Bruins Finish 2019?

Will the Bruins rebound from last night’s loss or head into a tailspin?

Sunday Morning QB: UCLA Bruins Extend Win Streak to Three Games

UCLA heads into their second bye week riding their first three-game winning streak in years.

Sunday Morning QB: Can UCLA Football Really Win the Pac-12 South?

Yes, Bruin fans, UCLA can win the Pac-12 South if the team can keep winning.

SMQB, Friday Edition: UCLA Football Gets Stanford Monkey Off the Bruins’ Backs

UCLA beat Stanford last night for the first time since 2008.

SMQB: Why Does UCLA’s Jerry Azzinaro Still Have a Job?

For that matter, the same thing should be asked about defensive backs coach Paul Rhoads.

SMQB: No One Thing to Point to in UCLA’s Loss to Arizona

Overall, last night’s game was an uninspiring performance by the Bruins.

Sunday Morning QB: UCLA Defense Causes Six Turnovers in Wazzou Win

Meanwhile, the offense made the most of four of those turnovers.

SMQB: UCLA Football’s Chip Train Has Become a Train Wreck

"Give it time," they said. "It will get better," they said. "It’s a total trainwreck!" I say.

Sunday Morning Quarterback: Chip Kelly Has UCLA Bruins Off to Another Bad Start

The Bruins are dreadful. Again.

SMQB: Chip Kelly Needs to Bench UCLA QB Dorian Thompson-Robinson

The sophomore’s four turnovers cost the Bruins an opportunity to beat Cincinnati last night.

Sunday Morning Quarterback: Pac-12 Conference Must Be Fixed

There are serious problems with the Pac-12 Conference leadership that must be fixed moving forward.

SMQB: Win Over Southern Cal Makes Chip Kelly’s First Season a Success

Chip Kelly picks up a signature win for UCLA.

SMQB: How Does Chip Kelly Fix the Mess That Is UCLA Football?

The Bruins are a fundamentally bad football team. What can be done to right the ship?

SMQB, Saturday Edition: UCLA Football Needs to Address the Tackling Problem

And, the Pac-12 needs to address their weeknight attendance problem.

SMQB: UCLA Bruins Jump Into Pac-12 South Hunt

The Bruins overcame adversity to beat Arizona and are on the verge of a first place tie in the Pac-12 South.

Sunday Morning Quarterback: The Sweet Release of Victory

UCLA earned its first win of the Chip Kelly era, and gave fans hope for the future.

Sunday Morning QB: A Personal Tribute to My Dad

Last night, after UCLA lost to Washington, I also lost my dad to prostate cancer.


An open letter to Chip Kelly on behalf of UCLA Bruin fans everywhere.

The UCLA Bruins Football Coaching Change Talent Drain [UPDATED]

The firing of Jim Mora and the hiring of Chip Kelly has resulted in a big drain of talent from the UCLA Bruins roster

The Recruiting History of UCLA Football Since 2000

With UCLA Football on a bye week, let’s look at how the Bruins got where they are from a recruiting standpoint.

SMQB: UCLA Football Suffers a Historic Loss to Fresno State

The Bruins are now off to their worst start since 1971.

SMQB: My Patience With UCLA Football Is Being Slowly Chipped Away

While the team showed some signs of progress yesterday, some lingering questions remain.

SMQB: Did Bad Play Calling Cost UCLA a Win Against Cincinnati?

The Bruin offense failed to execute against the Bearcats the entire second half, but did Chip Kelly make a bad decision on 4th and 1?

An Historical Look at UCLA Football Recruiting in the Dan Guerrero Era

How has UCLA Football recruited since Dan Guerrero became Athletic Director? The results may surprise you.

SMQB Cactus Bowl Edition: UCLA Football’s Transition From Jim Mora to Chip Kelly Can Now Be Completed

In the Cactus Bowl, UCLA still showed the problems that plagued the Jim Mora era.

SMQB: What Does the Hiring of Chip Kelly Mean for UCLA Football?

A look at how Kelly’s hiring will impact the Bruins.

SMQB: One Mora Failure of Dan Guerrero’s Tenure as UCLA Athletic Director

"Hey, we beat the spread!" A Mora-l victory is just another loss to Southern Cal in the Guerrero Era.

SMQB: Mora Coachspeak as Jim Responds to Banners Calling For His Ouster

Bruin QB Josh Rosen also responded by saying fans should talk to the AD themselves.

SMQB: UCLA Football’s Problems Begin and End with AD Dan Guerrero

And, there is only one solution: Dan must go, too.