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VIDEO: Former UCLA Football Player Brian Price Is Likely Suffering From CTE

The video of Brian Price at a Michigan auto parts store is shocking.

Kansas State v UCLA Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images

Editor's note: This article was at 8:40 pm PT to add part 2 of WDIV's video with the Prices.

Today, the Journal of the American Medical Association published the most extensive study to date on CTE. The study found that 110 of 111 former NFL players whose brains were included in the study suffered from some degree of CTE. That’s 99% of the players whose brains were studied.

The study also concluded that 87% of high school, college, NFL, CFL and semipro players whose brains were studied suffered from the disease. That’s 73% of the non-NFL brains that were included in the study.

All I can say is "wow" and hope to God that researchers find a way to diagnose this in living brains because the effects of CTE on former players is horrific. Too many, like former Southern Cal Trojan Junior Seau, are committing suicide.

Now, to be sure, the NFL is going to trot out their PR people and try to argue that football is safe.

Tomorrow, Pac-12 players and coaches will gather in Hollywood at Pac-12 Media Days and it will be interesting to hear their thoughts about this study because this study is shocking.

It will be even more interesting to hear what Kenny Young, Scott Quessenberry and Jim Mora have to say about it because of what has happened to former Bruin Brian Price who is likely suffering from CTE. How do we know? Well, see for yourself.

A shocking video from WDIV in Detroit shows what Price did recently at an auto parts store in Michigan. Afterwards, he had no recollection of the entire incident. Words can’t describe it. You just need to watch.

Again, all I can say is "wow."

Yes, Price went through that thick glass door like it was an offensive lineman with the quarterback on the other side. Then he stood up like nothing had happened.

Thankfully, police took him to the hospital and called his wife who was able to explain that Price wasn’t on drugs. It was likely brain damage caused by playing football.

Brian Price is just 28 years old.

This issue is going to bring the almighty and powerful NFL to its knees and it will certainly cause many college and universities to re-think their football programs considering the fact that they are supposed to be developing brains while football destroys them.

UPDATE (8:40pm PT): WDIV aired part 2 of their interview with Price tonight on their late local news. Here it is that video.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Brian Price, his wife Candace, their children and the rest of their family.

Go Bruins.