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Tailgating, UCLA Style: The Bruin Faithful

Saturday’s game may have been disappointing, but the tailgating festivities definitely lived up to the hype.

UCLA Bruin fans tailgating at the Rose Bowl in Lot H for the September 1 game against Cincinnati.

I got a request for a tailgating wrap-up of sorts to showcase some of the tailgaters at the first home game. I was able to walk around Lot H and get a few pictures of the Bruin Faithful in full tailgate glory. I really liked walking around and seeing everyone out there supporting the Bruins. It’s a collective that I am proud to be part of.

I know Saturday’s game wasn’t what we all wanted, but we also know that better things are sure to come. Don’t give up on them yet! Mama Bear is here and it’s going to be OK. And no matter what, the tailgating will always be on point.

I saw an absolutely cool grill that was all painted blue and gold and looked like a mini smoker. There was life-size Jenga, 8 Claps galore, and great food. The parking staff didn’t exactly have a great day, as our section actually ended up with a fork in the road and one row had no fire lane. But I’m sure they’ll get it next time.

Below is a gallery of the pictures I was able to get:

Like I said, it’s going to be OK. Chip lost his first game at Oregon 19-8 to Boise State (oddest score ever), and then proceeded to win the next seven. Am I expecting a seven-win streak? No. But we have to think long-term and remember that, before you build something up, sometimes you have to break it down. I’ll be there on the 15th when the gates open.

Go Bruins!