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The Eye Test

The “Eye Test”: UCLA Takes Multiple Steps Backwards in Loss to Utah

The Bruins could seemingly do nothing right against the Utes.

The “Eye Test”: UCLA Takes Care of Business Against Colorado

The Bruins were sloppy at times, but won handily against an outmanned opponent, exactly what good teams do.

The “Eye Test”: The Second-Half Surge Returns in UCLA’s Victory over Arizona State

The Bruins looked strong on offense and revitalized on defense, and suddenly a lost season has reason for optimism again.

The “Eye Test”: UCLA Takes Advantage of a Wounded Stanford Team to End the Streak

It may not have been the prettiest game, but UCLA has finally beaten Stanford again.

The “Eye Test”: Searching for Positives in a Bad UCLA Loss to Oregon State

Shockingly, there weren’t many positives in one of the most disappointing home losses in decades.

The “Eye Test”: UCLA Continues Season-Long Struggle in Loss to Arizona

The Bruins backslid and in the worst possible ways.

The “Eye Test”: 20 Minutes of Madness Pushes UCLA Past Washington State

UCLA played amazing for 20 minutes. They have to consider the hole the previous 40 minutes put them in.

The “Eye Test”: UCLA Performs Exactly as Expected Against Oklahoma

Make your own judgements as to what that means for the Bruins.

The “Eye Test”: Uninspiring Game Leads to UCLA’s First Loss to SDSU Ever

Chip Kelly is breaking new ground at UCLA. That’s not necessarily a good thing.

The “Eye Test”: UCLA Reverts in Loss to Cincinnati

The Bruins did not look to be on the same upward slope they were on at the end of last year.

The “Eye Test”: UCLA Doesn’t Solve the Stanford Problem, But Shows it has a Plan

In the process, the Bruins showed clear improvement over the beginning of the season.

The “Eye Test”: UCLA Shows Southern Cal What In-Season Growth Looks Like

The Bruins looked like a team that had gotten better over the season, while the Trojans did not.

The “Eye Test”: UCLA Football Showed Improvement Against Arizona State

The Bruins looked better than they have in weeks, but it still wasn’t enough.

The “Eye Test”: Special Teams Dooms UCLA at Oregon

The Bruins did everything wrong on special teams and created an early hole they could never climb out of.

The “Eye Test”: Utah Shows UCLA What A Good Team Looks Like

The Bruins looked outmatched, and need to pick up the pieces.

The “Eye Test”: Bruins Backslide But Escape Against Arizona

UCLA did a lot of bad things, but did the good things when it mattered against the Wildcats

The “Eye Test”: UCLA’s First Complete Game Leads to Complete Dominance of UC Berkeley

Well, that was exactly what we hoped a Chip Kelly team would look like.

The “Eye Test”: Bruins Play Their Best Game in Loss to Washington

The big question going forward: is this fools gold again, or something to build on?

The “Eye Test”: A Good UCLA Performance Falls Apart Against Colorado

Bad QB play led to the rest of the team collapsing in a tough road environment.

The “Eye Test”: UCLA Football Has a Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day Against Fresno State

The Bruins routinely looked adrift against a decent Bulldogs team, and now we have more questions than answers.

The “Eye Test”: Progress is the Name of the Game for Bruins Against Oklahoma

UCLA took a step in the right direction in Norman.

The “Eye Test”: The Chip Kelly Era Gets Off to a Rough Start vs Cincinnati

Poor execution and questionable playcalling doomed the Bruins.

The “Eye Test”: UCLA Shows Heart in Victory over UC Berkeley

The Jedd Fisch Interregnum gets out to a 1-0 start, while we also ponder staff changes.

The “Eye Test”: UCLA Encapsulates the Mora Era in Loss to USC

Undisciplined play? Check. Fantastic quarterback play? Check. Questionable decisions? Check.

The “Eye Test”: Bruins Clean Up Their Act Against Arizona State

The offense and Rosen got their groove back, while the defense took advantage of bad ASU decisions.

The “Eye Test”: UCLA Finds New Lows Against Utah

Tactical blunders cost the Bruins on both sides of the ball.

The “Eye Test”: The Wheels Come Off Against Washington

The Bruins put together one of the worst losses of the Jim Mora era.

The “Eye Test”: Bruins Look “Improved” Against Oregon

The question after this week: is it progress, or fools gold?

The “Eye Test”: Bruins Left Dazed and Confused in the Desert

The defense found some new lows and the offense wasn’t as perfect as it needed to be.

The “Eye Test”: An Uneven Performance Against Colorado Answers No Questions

The Bruins head into the bye week with some things to build on, but also with issues to work out.

The “Eye Test”: A Complete Defensive Failure Sinks the Bruins Against Memphis

UCLA looked good on offense, but good wasn’t good enough.

The “Eye Test”: Bruin Offense Shines, Defense Struggles versus Hawai’i

The offense was perfect, the defense less so against an outmatched Hawai’i squad