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CBS Sports Names UCLA AD Dan Guerrero 9th Most Influential AD In College Sports

It's true. Dan Guerrero has been named the 9th most influential Athletic Director in college sports. It's just a shame he can't exert any of that influence to fix the UCLA basketball program.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Today, CBS Sports released lists of the 10 Most Influential Athletic Directors and Most Influential Coaches in college sports.

The article by respected writer Jon Solomon lists UCLA's Dan Guerrero as the ninth most influential AD in the nation.

Many of you will likely say that he doesn't belong on that list because of his performance, or lack thereof, at UCLA.

While I totally agree that his performance at UCLA has been lackluster, this list isn't intended to measure performance. It's meant to measure influence.

One member of the panel was quoted as saying:

UCLA is one of the two big kahunas in the Pac-12, and Guerrero has earned his stripes working through the ranks of the system, serving in any variety of roles in college sports (including chair of the men's basketball committee) while remaining true to passions, including minority recruitment in college athletics. The combination of the vital importance men's basketball plays to the survival of the NCAA and accomplishments of Guerrero to date give him firepower to watch.

And, as head of the Men's Basketball Oversight Committee, Dan does have a lot of influence on college sports.

It's just too bad that he can't exert some of that influence to fix the basketball program at his school. You know...the one that actually PAYS HIS SALARY!

We will continue to hope that we get a chance to kick him upstairs to the NCAA some time before his current contract expires.

No UCLA coaches made the list of most influential coaches.