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UCLA Football, Adidas Unveil New Home Uniforms That Fall Short...AGAIN

It seems to be a rite of summer. Adidas unveils a new UCLA football uniform and Bruin fans are disappointed again. This year's home unis are no different. There was much potential with some of the stylistic elements, but adidas seems to have left that potential on the factory floor.

This morning, UCLA and Adidas unveiled UCLA's 2015 Home Uniforms.

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The jerseys again feature the busy two-tone pattern which has been used recently which almost looks like a chainlink fence. Many fans will be immediately disappointed as the traditional Clarendon font which finally returned last season has been replaced with what Adidas is calling "a custom 'Bruin Bold' font, which was designed exclusively for UCLA and inspired by the bright lights of Los Angeles."

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On a somewhat positive note, some fans will be happy the fact that the bastardized "UCLA Stripe" which had been turned into a stub in recent years due to Adidas' inability to get the stripes over a seam in the jersey, has been extended. However, it also looks like they took a Ginsu knife to the stripe by slicing it up horizontally.

The UCLA Stripe also isn't nearly as long as can be found on the uniforms of other collegiate teams which use it and have uniforms designed by Nike like Ole Miss or LSU. The stripes also have an unusual angle to them, which some may not like, but I don't seem to mind as much as the horizontal cuts in the stripe.

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Another element which was revealed today were the shoes which looked like they were originally black and someone threw up Mountain Dew and then blue Kool-Aid on them. Personally, I'd rather see some more solid colors, but the kids will probably like them. According to the adidas press release, they are "lighter than any competitor cleat at 8.0 ounces and constructed with a lightweight SPRINTSKIN upper featuring SHOCKWEB reinforcement." Ok.

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As for the gloves, I think the kids will think they look cool. They feature the UCLA script on the palm side, but the way they were designed they manage to leave out the letter "C". Considering that we refer frequently to the "Four Letters", I think the fact that the gloves only have three of the four is another bastardization adidas could have done without.

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Finally, I want to discuss the pants.

Adidas has gone out of its way to us metallic colors throughout the jersey, cleats and even the gloves, but for some strange reason the pants look yellow. Go back and look at them again. It looks like adidas bought too much fabric for the University of Michigan and decided to sew the UCLA script on them where the Michigan "M" would go. This is something that's just not forgiveable and brings my overall score on this uniform down significantly.

If you cover the UCLA script, the color just doesn't seem to even match with the rest of the uniform.

Overall, they could have been worse, but these uniforms are not awe-inspiring. They may get the players excited and, if so, that's a good thing, but they could have been better. The "laser cuts" in the UCLA Stripe and in the numbers make the uniforms more busy then necessary.

If this is the best that adidas could do in order to keep themselves from losing yet another school, it is time for UCLA to follow both Michigan and Tennessee out of the adidas stable.

This uniform earns a score of 4.5 out of a possible 10.