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Headlines in the UCLA Twitterverse: Chancellor Gene Block Sends His First Tweet

UCLA’s chancellor joins Twitter and Bruin basketball fans instantly start demanding Steve Alford be fired.

LA Tennis Open Day 1 Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

In February 2016, UCLA Chancellor Gene Block joined Twitter.

This morning, he finally sent out his very first tweet!

If the early responses are any indication, the “global #BruinFamily” wants him to fire Steve Alford.

Sure, some Twitter users simply welcomed him to Twitter, but the vast majority of the replies to his tweet came from individuals who want the direction of the basketball program and the athletic department changed.

But, the funniest response of all came from @RogerWong who commented on the theme of the responses.

Let’s be real.

The chancellor needs to understand that UCLA Athletics, in general, and UCLA Basketball, in particular, are the primary way most members of the “global #BruinFamily” stay connected to the school.

So, this sort of response is to be expected.

In fact, frankly, I’m surprised that the response hasn’t been bigger than it has been so far. Perhaps, that’s because the chancellor’s first tweet caught many by surprise and many members of the “global #BruinFamily” have yet to realize that he sent out his first tweet today.

In the meantime, if you have a Twitter account, you may want to welcome Chancellor Block to the social media platform.

Go Bruins!!