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Bruins Nation Quiz #2 - UCLA Basketball Record Holders Edition

Test your knowledge of the UCLA men's basketball record book.


The theme of this week's edition of the Bruins Nation Quiz is UCLA basketball record holders.

Although UCLA's greatest teams belong to the Wooden era, most of the individual records belong to student-athletes who played in the post-Wooden years. The reasons for this are straightforward:

  1. Freshman eligibility has significantly increased the opportunity for players to accumulate career stats.
  2. Collegiate teams play more games than they did 40-50 years ago. For example, the 1964-65 UCLA men's basketball team played 30 games in winning the national championship, while the 2014-15 UCLA men's basketball team played 36 games and would have needed to play (and win) another three games to claim the national title.
  3. Significant rule changes--notably the adoption of the shot clock and three-point field goals--have resulted in increased scoring.
  4. The collection of game statistics has expanded.

On the other hand, since few elite athletes stay in college for four years nowadays, their ability to collect record-setting career totals is limited. Please keep these factors in mind as you work through this week's quiz.

In case you missed last week's quiz, I've disabled the hint feature. If you want to have hints enabled in future editions of the Bruins Nation Quiz, please share your opinion in the comments section.

Since I've once again tried to make the quiz challenging, a final score of 15 (out of 20) should be considered a very good score.

Enjoy the quiz, good luck, and as always, Go BRUINS!