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UCLA and adidas Unveil "Made In March" Basketball Unis

For a change, they aren't horrendous.


We've seen some pretty horrendous uniform designs over the years from adidas. Thankfully, the men's and women's "Made In March" basketball uniforms released this morning aren't that bad.

In fact, from the images which are available, as alternate jerseys, they are really some of the better ones we've had. Of course, that doesn't mean that we should consider switching from our classic uniforms for these. It just means that these are better than most of the other ones.

Here's the men's uniform as tweeted out by the UCLA Men's Basketball twitter account: @UCLAMBB

There was no image of the men's blue road uniforms tweeted by UCLA Men's Basketball, but adidas put out an image with all there schools and it looks like it includes the blue road unis. @adidasHoops

And here's the women's uniform which was tweeted by the UCLA Women's Basketball twitter account: @UCLAWBB

As I wrote above, they aren't horrendous. So, that's a good thing.

Although I suspect some will look at the men's home white and road blue and comment on the fact that not only are different shades of blue used in each, but also different shades of yellow/gold. The home whites sport a darker, more golden color while the road blues have a lighter, more yellow color.

In fact, there also appears to be different shades of blue and gold in the men's shoes as well.

One of these days, we will have consistent colors in our uniforms, but if that's the only complaint, it's not too bad because the colors are consistent with our base men's uniforms.

Of course, the bigger concern right now is the fact that no UCLA men's basketball uniform is likely to be worn during March Madness. Perhaps, that's why the UCLA Men's Basketball tweet mentions that these uniforms will be worn during the Pac-12 Conference tournament while the UCLA Women's Basketball tweet says that the Bruins are ready to make a run.

It also helps that the Women's Basketball team is currently projected to be a #3 seed by some. Maybe Women's Coach Cori Close could take over the Men's team for the Pac-12 Tournament.

Since we're on the topic of uniforms today, it's worth mentioning that adidas' exclusive negotiating period with UCLA is now two-thirds done. My sources indicate that adidas will meet with officials from the Morgan Center in the next few weeks, but, considering the overall climate regarding apparel deals that have been made over the past year, it looks like adidas would have to come in with an overwhelming offer to keep UCLA from opening up the apparel contract for bidding by other companies like Nike and Under Armour.

The exclusive negotiating period with adidas expires on April 2nd.

Go Bruins!