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Bruins in the Twitterverse

Tweets from Bruins, about Bruins, and to Bruins.

Royce Hall

Several years ago, Freesia39 started a much loved Bruins Nation column entitled, “Bruins in the Twitterverse”, and uclaluv picked up the column as well. With much trepidation, I will attempt to bring that tradition back with some regularity (time permitting) and catch up with the daily happenings of fellow Bruins.

Here are a few tweets collected from the Twitterverse that involve all things UCLA.

Let’s start out with a tidbit from a guy everyone loves—Johnathan Franklin, aka, “The Mayor” (and since he’s back in L.A., I’d say it’s a possibility!):

And now, a craving from Bryce Alford:

The next one just makes me say, “neither can I”.

Oh Brett...

Danusia Francis taking her inspiration to the next level:

This goes back a couple of weeks, but it’s a good one. Looks like Oregon is trying to steal one of our alums...

Takk McKinley still showing pride for the Bruins:

UCLA Football hit a huge academic milestone, and Coach Mora is proud:

SneakerTicker and Bleacher Report would like to pay homage to Russell Westbrook and his infamous wardrobe:

According to Raider Nation, Eddie showed up even leaner:

Academic obligations will keep Eddie at UCLA until June, but he’s ready to roll.

It looks like Caleb Benenoch is getting himself a new pair of shoes:

Finally, this one goes back to the Spring Showcase when Team White beat Team Blue:

Go Bruins!