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Bruins in the Twitterverse: Graduation Edition

Tweets from graduates and athletic programs, and a new start for one Bruin in particular.


It’s that time of are graduating, moving on, and finding out what it really means to “adult” (but do we ever really figure it out?). Below is a collection of tweets from this weekend’s graduation ceremonies, and one last Go Bruins! for our student athletes as they move on.

Our first is Delaney Ford, who, in my book, is one of the unsung heroes of the football program. She served as the team’s student equipment manager, and likely put in countless hours that we never even saw.

Next, we have tweets from our football graduates.

Our softball program had one heck of a run this year, and we hope to see them return for a visit (I’m sure one graduate will be back to watch her sister!).

Swimming and Diving had a rather large class this year.

Love to see women’s basketball graduates showing the 4’s UP!

Women’s soccer was another sport that had a heck of a year, taking it all the way to the end against Stanford.

Men’s basketball has four graduates that gave it their all for four years, which is hard to come by in this sport.

Terri Fleming (UCLA Tennis) was the student speaker at the UCLA Student Athlete graduation ceremony.

Men’s and women’s volleyball lose some greats this year.

Men’s tennis loses NCAA doubles champion Martin Redlicki.

Track and field competed almost until graduation at their NCAA finals in Eugene, Oregon. Between men’s and women’s teams, we’re losing quite a few athletes!

Men’s and women’s water polo both had .700+ seasons, thanks to these outstanding folks.

Cross country traveled as far east as Kentucky for their meets this year, and is sending off eight quality individuals into the world.

Last but not least, women’s rowing, one of the most highly honored classes in UCLA history, both on and off the field.

And, if you were wondering what sixth year senior Christine Peng-Peng Lee’s (gymnastics) plans were after graduation, you can find her performing at Sea World! Apparently, Miss Val’s handiwork is also featured in San Diego...

Finally, graduates, don’t forget to...

Go Bruins! We can’t wait to see you all come back as alumni!