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Reports: UCLA Discussing Extension of Athletic Director Dan Guerrero’s Contract

Yesterday, Dan Guerrero mentioned that he’s discussed a contract extension with UCLA Chancellor Gene Block.

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UCLA Chancellor Gene Block has discussed a contract extension with Athletic Director Dan Guerrero.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

After Mick Cronin was introduced yesterday, UCLA Athletic Director Dan Guerrero met with members of the media and he discussed his contract situation, according to multiple reports.

Dylan Hernandez of the LA Times has devoted an article to that discussion in which he quotes Guerrero. “We’ve discussed an extension,” Guerrero said.

Those may have been the worst four words to come out of yesterday’s press conference for Bruin fans.

Of course, just because UCLA Chancellor Gene Block and Guerrero have discussed an extension, it doesn’t mean it will happen. After all, Guerrero will turn 68 in November.

Until yesterday, the assumption had been that Guerrero would retire after his current contract expires. Guerrero’s previous contracts all expired in April while his current contract was deliberately changed to expire in December, which seemed to imply that it had been written specifically to allow Guerrero to be the Athletic Director during the celebration of UCLA’s Centennial, which kicks off next month.

But, now, it’s possible that Guerrero may not be leaving at the end of the year or shortly thereafter.

There is one possible bright side to things if Guerrero does end up signing a contract extension. Right now, if Guerrero were to announce his retirement, Block would ultimately end up having the final say on Guerrero’s replacement. However, if Guerrero extends his contract, it becomes less likely that Block will determine who replaces Guerrero because Block himself will turn 71 this August and it remains to be seen how much longer Block will serve as UCLA’s chancellor before retiring himself.

If Block were to depart before Guerrero, then whomever the new (or interim) chancellor is would eventually select Guerrero’s replacement.

And, if we’re truly being honest about things, that’s probably preferred anyway.


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Go Bruins.