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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse: Celebrating a Hard Fought UCLA Football Victory!

Bruins far and near celebrated the Bruin's victory over BYU. Here are your tweets of, by, and for your Bruins.

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

That was a tough game last night. Let's recap and see what Bruins around the Bruin Nation had to say.

First, a recap:

I just love Bruin highlights (in no particular order):

And some more great photos:

Congratulations and observations from proud parents!

And from Bruins far and near:

I sure hope this guy found a way to watch!

The O-Line wins games, right gbruin?

Seriously man - Bruin RBs are beasts:

Young depth really came through:

And showed the kind of heart this team has:

Really wanted to publish this tweet, but my mom might object!

Enjoy the victory Bruins:

Some great kids will be celebrating:

There was another game some Bruins were interested in!

And it's on to Arizona - Bruins bring your flags!

So true:

Congratulations Bruins and enjoy watching our Bruins in the NFL today:

Go Bruins!